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With the holiday season fully underway, you may find that you are invited to multiple places to spend the holidays. But how do you say yes to your side of the family while not offending your partner’s? The best way to avoid seeming like you are choosing favorites is by seeing everybody! Here are a few suggestions that will help you decide how you want to divide your time this year.

Figure out everyone’s schedule. By asking your family members well in advance, you can figure out exactly what time one party ends and when another begins. You may get lucky and find that your in-laws celebrate early in the day, allowing you to make it back in time for your parents’ evening celebrations. Once you find out what everyone’s plans are, you can truly determine whether or not you can see everyone in the same day.


Consider spending quality time the day before or after. Unfortunately, you might find that you cannot see everyone on the actual holiday. If this happens, try to create a battle plan with your closest family members and attack the Black Friday sales. Or you can spend Christmas Eve with one family and open gifts the next day with another. By finding the time to spend with both of your families, you can make them feel special.

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Throw a special party everyone can enjoy. This idea works great with spending time with your families and friends. By having a Pot Luck in the beginning of November or throwing a wacky Ugly Sweater party, you can incorporate everyone in your life into your holiday celebrations.


Host the holiday festivities in your home. If you do not have the time to reach out to your family and friends this season, consider hosting dinner and parties at your house. Send out formal invitations to your family and friends and let them know that they more than welcomed to celebrate with you. A formal invitation evokes the feeling of being special. It can also let your loved ones know that you are not choosing any particular family member to spend the holidays with. It can also act as a keepsake for those who cannot come.


Utilize technology. Luckily, we live in technologically-advanced world that allows you to see people without having to be physically together. Using Skype, Oovoo and FaceTime can keep you involved in the preparation of and moments during Thanksgiving dinner and opening gifts Christmas morning. Although you cannot physically be with everyone, you can still see and talk to each other.


These are great ideas that will help you visit everyone or be in two places at once the day of, after or well before a holiday this season. By taking the time to share the holidays with your loved ones, you are showing them that you care. If you successfully divide your time this season, you and your partner can prove that you have room for both families in your hearts.


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