DIY How to Clean Your Make Up Brushes

If you’re a makeup artist or just a makeup connoisseur, there is no doubt that you have spent some serious money on your brushes. It is preferred for health reasons to clean your own personal brushes after every time you use them. Makeup brush cleansers can either be pretty pricey or ineffective. Some make up cleansers can  be pretty harsh on the hairs of the brushes causing them to shed and fall out. An easy, affordable and safe way to clean your makeup brushes is here to save the day! All you need you is four inexpensive items to clean your entire makeup brush collection.

Items that you need to clean your make up brushes:

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil (any brand)

-Antibacterial  dish soap ( any scent, may include Shea butter)

-a Plate (Styrofoam, plastic, or glass)

-Paper towel

Step one : fill up about 1/3 of the plate with extra virgin  olive oil

Step two: Pour  about 1/3 of the plate of your antibacterial dish soap

Be sure not to pour more than one or the other liquids to avoid over flowing and making your make up brushes greasy.

Step three: Take one makeup brush at a time and mix the combinations of the Antibacterial soap and extra virgin olive oil together. You will notice the built up product instantly starting to  flow off of the make-up brushes. Slowly keep mixing the brush in till you see the plate fill up with product. Depending on how much product is on your brush, you could use another brush in this current mixture.

Step four: Take the soapy makeup brush and wipe it back and forth on the palm of your hand or on a paper towel. You want to handle your brushes with care.

Step five: Now under luke warm water, wash your brushes slowly lathering the brush hairs. You will start to see more product coming off. Keep rinsing until the brush is back to its original color.

Step six: With your paper towel, dab the brush, removing off any excess water. It is recommended to have the brush dry with the  handle facing  up to have the water drip down but you can lay it on an empty surface on top of paper towel or a plate. Be sure to leave your brushes out in open areas with air; such as a kitchen table or open counter space to speed up drying time.

Hope this method can be of great help to you and your brushes!

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