How to Make Lipstick in Five Minutes


Being artistic is a talent, but being self-efficient is what you can refer to as genius. Many dish out a couple hundred dollars to contribute to their makeup habits. An essential part of an individuals makeup collection is their lip wear. There are multiple makeup artists on YouTube that display incredible makeup collections.

From MAC to Chanel to drug store products, such as Revlon, lipsticks and lip glosses can range anywhere from $10.00 to 30.00. A light pink for spring or a sulky deep red for the fall can enhance any outfit instantly. But that doesn’t mean that over spending is necessary all the time.

Living in a generation where lip wear is a key component to daily lives, everyone is guilty of buying colors that just aren’t right. Ever stopped and took a look at your lipstick collection? Do you have a range of colors and shades? Do you prefer a satin or a matte finish? Set aside spending and start saving today! Your troubles can fly away because now you can create your own lipstick.

The makeup tools you already have can help create your own base lipstick. All that is needed to create lipstick is an eye shadow palette, make up primer and clear lip gloss. In four quick steps you can try any color you have been hesitating to buy.

Step one is simply picking the eye shadow color you’d like out of your palette. This could also work in general with a single powder base eye shadow. Palettes just provide you with a variety of colors.

Step two is applying clear gloss and/or makeup primer to your lips. The primer is going to feel a bit slimy, but it will dry.

Step three is applying a generous amount of the powder base shadow to your lips. Dab with your finger or eye shadow brush slowly to be neat and precise.  Keep applying till you have covered all of the lips.

Step four is applying a clear gloss over your lips. Rub your lips together till you start to feel the shadow become pasty and then it will start to become smooth.

Take a look in the mirror and voila! You have just created your own lipstick. You can apply more eye shadow to define the color on your lips and make it a bit more matte if you’d like. Adding more gloss can thin out the mixture and make a glossy base product.

Now, before you buy a dramatic lipstick shade, test out different colors in the privacy of your home. For under $20 you can find all the materials needed to create your own lipsticks. Websites such as Amazon, BH Cosmetics and Elf are affordable sites to shop on. They’re many other ways to create your own lipstick, but this method is by far the quickest and easiest. Have fun!

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