Does Flossing Really Help Prevent Cavities? Maybe Not!

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Dentists from all around the world have told their patients that they must floss their teeth daily to avoid cavities. Although is that necessarily true? Recently, the Department of Agriculture, Health, and Human services haven’t found enough evidence to conclude flossing helps eradicate gum disease, plaque, and gingivitis. They and the American Academy of Periodontology both stated that in current research trials about flossing, the trials never had enough participants to study over a long period of time to test if flossing daily helps overall gum health.

The Professor of oral health studies at the University of Washing, Dr. Philip Hujoel has stated that using fluoride in your daily life will help eliminate the most gingivitis and plaque on teeth. He also went to say that most of the time flossing does not involve the use of fluoride and that it could be unnecessary.

Still, the American Dental Association claims that flossing and brushing your teeth with fluoride is essential to gum health and will stop tooth decay. A Spokesperson for the Dental Association also claims that flossing helps individuals scrape off teeth bacteria. This bacterium is the essential reason why Association pushes dentists to recommend their patients to floss. This common bacterium still hasn’t been proven to create gum disease or tooth decay.

Other Health Officials are also looking into the development of gum disease to see if flossing has ever helped any individuals not develop the painful disease. They predict that it is a very slow disease that develops over a twenty-year period. Professors and Dental Associations all over the world still regard flossing will prevent gum disease in the future, but the correlation to a high amount of gingivitis build up causing gum disease altogether is a theoretical leap of faith.

Dentist’s who are keen to keep flossing in their daily dentistry regiment, all have commented that flossing would only help an individual if they flossed correctly. These dentists refer their best patients as “superflossers” and say that they are more likely to come into the dentist office without a cavity.

To test the theory, six flossing trials have been conducted on children to prove if flossing helps keep cavities from developing over a two-year period. These children volunteered to have a professional dentist floss their teeth every day for the experimental trials. The trials final results concluded that only 40% of them had a reduction of cavity build-ups. These trials have been deemed as inconclusive, due to the children’s unknown information that wasn’t provided in the experiment. The children were never observed to see if their previous health and dietary lifestyle affected their teeth and gum health.

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