Donald Glover to Play The Prowler in Spider-Man: Homecoming

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While Donald Glover is not a big name in the movie industry, his role in the newest Spider-Man: Homecoming may lay the groundwork for his acting career. Previously voicing the character in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors and potentially playing the web-slinger in live action before Andrew Garfield landed the role, Glover has come back around. Playing a minor, mysterious role instead of a hero in Sony’s third Spider-Man franchise, Glover has officially joined the cast. While holding out hope for Miles Morales, fans have speculated what role Glover landed ever since he joined. Now, his role has officially been confirmed as a half-Latino, half-black hero—a role with whom he shares connections. The cast list finally surfaced from the film’s press junket, and Glover was confirmed to play Aaron Davis. For those comic fans out there, the name is associated with the low-level criminal The Prowler.

It remains unclear if Glover will be fully suited up in the purple, black, and green get-up in the film, but his role shares strong ties to Miles Morales, who is Aaron’s nephew and an important aspect to the youngster obtaining his powers. In the comic stories, Aaron and Miles both reign from the Earth 1610-universe. Aaron and Miles’ father were partners in crime in the past, but drifted apart as their interests changed, eventually leading to them going their separate ways. Aaron continued his criminal thieving, and one evening after he returned home from a job, one of Oscorps’ radioactive spiders hid in his bag, which was later exposed to Miles and is how he got his powers.

Although he is eventually killed in a battle with the young hero, he is responsible for Miles becoming a hero. However, the story line for Homecoming will remain a mystery until the film’s release, meaning some of the story will remain untouched. The trailers indicate that The Prowler will be a part of The Tinkerer’s group that consists of two versions of Shocker, played by Logan Marshall-Green and Bokeem Woodbine, and Scorpion, played by Michael Mando. Michael Keaton acts as Vulture and will also be a part of this group, predictably leading to much interaction with Glover. Ultimately, this role could be a huge stepping stone down the road for Glover.

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