When young teens sext it can be harmful for many reasons. So is texting someone other than your partner. That will create more problems than you ever wanted.

So does this mean that sexting your partner is a bad thing? Well of course not, if it’s done properly. A study from the Drexel University’s Women’s Health Psychology Lab reports that 88% of participants say they are sexting.

Emily Stasko of Drexel University revealed some interesting research to be presented at the American Psychological Association’s 123rd  Annual Convention.

“Sexting appears to be generally good for sexual satisfaction,” Stasko reported to Medical News Today. It creates a sense of intimacy that most lovers have not felt in a very long time.

People ages 18 to 82 were surveyed and out of 870 participants, 82% had sexted in the past year. Seventy-five percent of the group was texting their partner. Forty-three percent said that they had sexted in a casual relationship.

Prior studies had concluded that there were some risky behaviors linked to sexting, such as unprotected sex, engaging with multiple sexual partners and even illegal substance abuse. Professor Sheri Locker revealed on “CBS This Morning” that generally the participants were paid for being a part of the investigation and that the test was being performed online too. Many adults are up-to-date in the Techno World but not all know how to get online or even how to turn a computer on. Also, Locker stated that sexting holds separate meanings for different participants. For instance, one participant considered a text like ” Last night was phenomenal” to be sexting. For other participants a sext is x-rated visual or written content.

Sexting is having a positive impact  and allowing for more communication about sexual wants and needs. That communication could allow for more intimacy in romantic relationships. Stasko believes that sexting is a step in the right direction. Others may not agree but there is one conclusion in the study no one can argue: more people are sexting than what was originally expected. Only time will tell if sexting is positive or negative, but until then we can say for sure that there is no shame in sexting. Everyone is doing it!

Image via Flickr/Mike Lecht

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