When some women complain about the heels, some women smile about the way it feels. Definitely not the heel!

Flats are the way to go these days. Whether you are rushing to the subway, crossing the street, going out for dinner and drinks or simply visiting the president, flats have redefined the meaning of elegantly casual. To be more precise, the discussion is targeting loafers.

If you don’t own one, you have nothing to worry about since every designer you admire has served the loafers fashionable justice.

So for fall, stack up on loafers for reasons below:
• Classy
• Comfortable
• Edgy
• Affordable
• Sustainable
• Admired by the male gender

Once you have established a solid relationship with the loafers, which normally takes one night, make sure to follow the latest loafer trends. The most recent one is the tassel that is executed perfectly by Zara.

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