Have you ever felt labeled in society? It seems as though everyone has a “label”. This label could be something you placed on yourself but most of the time it is from someone placing it on to you. That’s the problem with our world, everyone is always stereotyped. You’re labeled something and it sticks with you forever.

Think; how many times have you heard someone been called fat, skinny, fake, pretty, klutz, rude, smart, dumb, etc. And how many times have you been called one of those? Sure, some those words can have positive connotations, but many of them can make people feel insecure about themselves. Society needs to realize everyone is more than just a label. WE are people not labels and it is time we stop letting them control us and control our self-worth.

Supermodel, Ashley Graham, is sick of labels and is making her voice heard. One label she is always represented with is “Plus-size”. She is so over being called a plus-size model and isn’t afraid to say so. In a recent interview, she described the many reasons she thinks labeling woman based on pants size is contentious.

Graham has always been open about body positivity and is always advocating for women to love their body at any size or shape. She wants her voice to be one for all the woman who feel ashamed of the way they look and show them that there is no perfect body. She feels all bodies are beautiful and wants women to believe that too.

No one ever goes into a store saying “I’m plus-size”. People might say it as a way of defense or to fit in with societies labels. This way of thinking is disruptive. Putting a label on women because she wears a certain pants size is not making society get any further.

It may have taken some time but the fashion industry is finally starting to progress. Ashley says she is thankful to have seen the industry start to stray away from labels. Designers are beginning to make clothes for women of all sizes and are representing all different women in their fashion shows.

The representation of different sizes by designers would not have been seen a few years ago. Designers use to make clothes for the model body and not think about other consumers or how their body was not the same as the models in their shows.

Society use to want women to fit into a certain look but are now realizing that all women are shaped differently. For most woman, it is impossible to have a perfect size model figure because their body is made differently.

Graham also recently posted a memoir on body confidence where she hinted that she might start her own clothing line for curvy women. She wants to come up with a collection that’s affordable for women of any size. She feels that sometimes higher sized clothing is not always represented in all stores and if it is the price is not always the same as the other garments. Women are all shaped so differently and have different curves and she feels that the beauty of it all.

That’s the beauty of life, no one is the same and everyone is made differently. Being different is okay and hopefully, soon society will drop labels and realize that we are more than just a word or phrase. We can not let society shape who we are and can not let serotypes define us as a person.

Graham and so many other celebrities have stood up to the world’s labels and are being a voice for the people. We are all individuals in this world and can not let others tell us who we are.

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