The number one highest paid actor in the film industry is Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson! From between June 2015-June 2016, he is estimated to earn over 64.5 million dollars. Johnson’s numbers from his last year’s income has doubled since this year and has efficiently bumped Robert Downey Jr., who was placed at the top of the list for three years.

Most of Johnson’s earnings came from big advancements from the Fast and Furious franchise and also from 2015’s disaster movie San Andreas. He also gained a big paycheck for his parts in the HBO series Ballers and also from the upcoming reboot film Baywatch. Surprisingly last year, Johnson was ranked at 11 on the highest paid actor list with his 31-million-dollar income.

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Once Johnson heard the news, he automatically tweeted a comment about two important things. One was that when he first started working the in Entertainment business that he only had 7 dollars to his name. The second was positivity, that if he could overcome all his obstacles to be successful, so can everyone else who dares to dream big.

This year Robert Downey Jr. dropped a lot lower than expected for this year’s list with only 33 million, which earned him eighth place. Surprisingly Downey actually tied for eighth place with Indian Canadian actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Jackie Chan’s iin second place for the highest-paid actor in the world. Chan this year has earned the same amount of money he collected last year, which was a high sum of 61 million dollars. Due to his popularity in the Chinese film industry, Jackie Chan has continued to gain a substantial amount of money for his foreign projects.

It is estimated that Johnson earned 20 million more dollars than the highest paid actress in the world, Jennifer Lawrence. On the overall highest paid actor/actress in the world, Lawrence is at sixth place and outdoes even seasoned actor Ben Affleck who earned around 43 million dollars this year. Still, the ever-present gender wage gap between men and woman who work in the industry is displayed clearly with Johnson’s and Lawrence’s yearly earnings.

The top ten highest paid actors all combined has earned these stars over 457 million dollars. This amount more than doubles the top ten highest paying actresses combined earnings of 205 million dollars.

Matt Damon is in third place for the highest paid actor list at 55 million dollars, which is only 2 million dollars more than Tom Cruise made this year and who was placed at fourth place. Johnny Depp is in fifth place with 48 million dollars, Vin Diesel is placed in seventh place at 35 million dollars, and lastly Brad Pit was placed in eleventh place with his 31.5-million-dollar income.

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