One of the easiest, plentiful and possibly most fashionably rewarding recycling you can do is reusing the t-shirts lodged in your dresser drawers. Safe to say that almost everyone has at least a dozen t-shirts that they either do not use or decide to repurpose as pajamas, simply because they fit too big or just not the way they like. This however is a complete waste of some cool t-shirts. While the shirts you received from your company picnic should only be saved for lazy Sundays- the ones with the interesting graphics- the tees you got for free at the baseball game, the one you got as a cheap souvenir or super hero shirt you stole from your boyfriend- should be cut-up to suit your personality and everyday style.

Especially with summer right around the corner, there are plenty of creative and fashion savvy ways in which you can take a scissor and in five minutes revamp any shirt that is still in perfectly good condition. Here are some T-shirt cutting DIY styles which do not require sewing machines, only a scissor and sense of what will make you feel ready for a day or night outdoors.

Go sleeveless

$18.00 Sleeveless Tank Top at
$18.00 Sleeveless Tank Top at

You probably have plenty of sleeveless tops, but you can surely add another. The great thing about cutting off sleeves is that you can go as deep as you’d like with the side cutouts. With more skin showing on the sides you can choose to add a tank top or bandeau top underneath. Color-contrast and layering would make this a fun outfit. You can also choose to go sans undershirt or bra if you don’t mind exposing some side-boob. This sleeveless step can also be used along with any of the below methods in order to create a better fit when the shirt is overly large on you.

Crop-it Up

$40.00 Crochet High Neck Top at
$40.00 Crochet High Neck Top at

The crop-top is one of today’s most popular fashion trends. Simply cutting the bottom of a long tee would be highly useful this season. Use both hands to tug the bottom sideways just a bit so the now seamless bottom of the shirt curls up and does not expose uneven and amateur work. If the shirt feels too wide on you, you can always cut up along the seams on the sides a bit and tie the edges together.

Over the shoulder

$29.00 ASOS One Shoulder Tank
$29.00 ASOS One Shoulder Tank as

By cutting the collar off a t-shirt, you can go to a 80s style trend that still works today. Make sure to cut a little of the collar and try on to see how much it hangs off your shoulder, before taking the scissor to the shirt again- cut according to how you see fit. You can wear this to lunch or give your gym attire a fresh “Flash Dance” appearance.

Get Fringe-y With It

$81.00 ASOS Suede Shell Top With Fringing
$81.00 ASOS Suede Shell Top With Fringing at

Fringe is so hot this summer. Cut straight up from the bottom of the shirt, to whatever length of fringe you feel comfortable with. Once the shirt looks like it was dipped into a shredder, you can tie knots on the bottom of each strand. Now you are ready for the beach or a music festival.

Go with whatever designs work for you, give your t-shirts new life and enjoy them once more.



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