Easy Beach Fashion Style Guide Beyond Just the Bathing Suite

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Going to the beach can absolutely be an opportunity to make a fashion statement. Consider the pre and post bathing part and also the possibility of not even reaching the water. Besides, if you’re on vacation at a tropical destination chances are a lot of your activities will be by a pool or the beach. So get your outfits ready for all types of possible outings, this includes what you wear on top of your swimsuit as well as how you accessorize.

If you are at the beach for a casual day just hanging out with your friends or on your own, all you need is attire that will allow you to lounge or play a little beach volley ball. A short summer dress that would be easy to throw on and off once you get there is perfect, if you just want to read when you are not taking a dip in the water -comfort in this case is everything. If you plan on getting a little active consider if you will want to be in just your bathing suit. If not, a pair of daisy dukes should be enough -classic. You are bound to catch a lot of sun rays while running around and not under your beach umbrella -so take an outfit that won’t give you awkward tan lines. Regular flip flops should do the trick to get you from the street to the boardwalk -easy to just take off and carry once you are on the sand. Also carry a tote or light backpack large enough to fit all your necessities: towel, books or magazines and sunblock.

If you will be doing any type of dining at the beach -especially if you are on vacation- or have a post beach outing, consider wearing clothing that is light and transitional. A maxi dress is the best solution for these occasions. You can go flowery, patterned or solid color depending on your style and on your plans. In this case, don’t forget the jewelry. Beaded or gold jewelry will go best for this season, beach style, and your fresh sun-kissed glow. If your hair is wet consider a braid or add mouse to your damp hair to sustain your wavy look thanks to the salt water. A fun fedora or Panama hat could pull the beach fashion together. For footwear, a good pair of thong sandals would suit any event location in or around the beach -if the dining is off the sand a pair of wedge sandals would also be a great choice.

If you are lucky enough to experience a bon fire at the beach this summer just make sure you have a warm hoodie -zip up or pull over. There is nothing better than being cozy at a bonfire -the sun is going down and you are capping off a day, so warmth and comfort under the moon with your favorite sweatshirt is the best feeling.


Photo Via Flickr/JasonMcNell

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