Eggies Get Ready: Sneek Peak at Jenn Im’s Summer Capsule Drop

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Avid Jenn Im (Formerly @Clothesencounters on Youtube) fans around the globe couldn’t get enough of the last “spring festival” drop of the Youtuber’s fashionable and youthful clothing line, Eggie. This summer, Eggie is due to launch another capsule from her stylish brand.

Eggie initially dropped their first collection last summer, in August 2017; the first drop sold out within minutes of its launch. The Korean-American beauty/fashion vlogger and Instagram personality has been booming in popularity amongst loyal fans all over the world, especially influencing the young and fashionable Asian generation. Im’s quirky Youtube personality, her acute sense of grungy-yet-sweet fashion, and advocacy for things like Korean pride and boosting self-esteem has made her popular not only amongst fellow Asian American, but with young women from all over Asia. Im has truly made herself an international label and brought her unique perspective as a Korean-American vlogger to the contemporary fashion world.

On her social media, she is often seen posting photos and videos of her family life, her relationship with her British fiancee @bengunsuk, and her everyday routines that involve elements of her Korean heritage–for instance, snapping a photo of her traditional Korean meal on New Year’s Day. Even her clothing line “Eggie” (a clever play on words which means “baby” in Korean) features pieces with Korean typography and prints written across their fronts or backs, infusing a personalized touch of her background.

morning stretch 🙆 @imjennim in our fuzzy baby t | shop

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Im has recently travelled to Singapore for a brand collaboration with Etude House and a fan meet-up at their flagship store, the Etude House Color Factory, where you can get a customized lip color to match your skin tone. Hundreds of girls showed up to meet and take photos with their beloved fashion influencer. The Youtuber’s popularity alone is enough to create hype for the next drop in her edgy but cute clothing line.

Im provided a sneak peek photo on her Instagram and Twitter (@imjennim) 2 days ago, captioned: “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Here’s a sneak peek of @eggieshop summer collection! See more on my IG stories before they’re gone! ♥️”

On her Instagram story were indeed a few behind-the-scenes snippets of Im modeling for her next drop’s photoshoot. The selfie videos and boomerangs featured Im in a camel beret, dangly statement earrings, and a flouncy red-and-white floral off-the-shoulder top that we can probably expect in her new capsule. While the color scheme for some of the looks seemed to be lighter, consisting of white and soft, summery shades, the photo posted on her IG suggests there will (like her other drops) likely be a mix of Im’s edgy, grunge-chic style along with her cute, ruffly side.

The promo photo incorporates Im’s two styles perfectly: a dark, vintage-esque graphic tee tucked into a more feminine black-and-white striped skort. That envelope skort is definitely a piece I would love to get my hands on personally.

To promote their latest collection before the summer capsule drops, Eggie is having a sale on some of their popular first-generation items. If you want to get your hands on them for bargain price, though, you’d best head over to the site soon; anything associated to Jenn Im tends to get sold out pretty quick. Most of the smaller sizes are already gone, but you may be able to score an adorable fuzzy knit sweater or their signature Eggie bomber jacket if you hurry.

Shop Eggie here.

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