Emma Watson’s Graduation Selfie


It’s not every day that we hear of celebrities not only enrolling in higher education, but actually completing it! Emma Watson, whose career is already booming, had decided to take on the additional task of finishing her schooling at University. Not just any university, though! Both beauty and brains, the actress graduated with a degree from an Ivy League school! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting miss Emma Watson, with a degree in English Literature from Brown University!

In her adorable selfie, Emma Watson simply tweeted “!”, clearly at a loss for words of how exciting the academic achievement is. Of course, the road was bumpy, (How could it not be? Acting plus school? Ouch!) as Watson filmed Perks of Being a Wallflower, My Week With Marilyn, The Bling Ring, Noah and let’s not forget Harry Potter, as well as also keeping up with a contract from Lancôme and maintaining her enrollment at the Ivy League University! First enrolled at Brown in 2009, Emma Watson then took a break in 2011, studied at Oxford University from 2011-2012, and finally wrapped everything up from then on at Brown.

It may have taken awhile, but the important thing is that she did it! No one expects an already to successful actress to care enough to make it to the finish line, but that’s what makes it so commendable, and that much more of an achievement. We’re proud of you Emma! Congrats – now go get a job… wait a second.


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