Monitoring Social Media Pages


With the rise of social media, a controversial question has come about: Should employers be allowed to monitor applicants social media pages?  Regardless of personal opinions, some companies have gone as far as asking for applicants passwords when they’re applying.

Although some people argue that what is on social media is “private” it is most certainly not. When you put something out there on a social media site anyone and everyone can see it, regardless of privacy settings. People must use caution when posting, because once it is online, it is there forever.

There have been many instances where people have gotten fired over something that they posted on their Facebook page. Such things would include: bad mouthing your boss or your company, writing something derogatory, posting evidence to underage drinking or any other illegal activity, etc.

When you sign up for a new account, whether it be Instagram, Twitter or a blogging platform, be prepared. Think before you post. Do not post when you are angry, you may regret it later. Also, avoid posting when you are extremely happy, that can also get messy. If you do decide to post something questionable, be prepared for the consequences you may face. Is a funny tweet about your bosses ugly haircut really worth losing your job over?

A survey conducted by Career Builder shows that 37 percent of hiring managers use social media sites to research their applicants. Considering many people are guilty of over-sharing, Facebook is like the modern day autobiography. You can learn a lot about a person by scrolling through their posts. You see what they’re talking about, what they’re interested in and what kind of people they associate themselves with.

Be careful on the internet. Think before you post. Think: will this be funny in three years? Would this be something I would show my grandparents or my boss? If the answer is no, do not post it. You never know if a post can come back to haunt you. Do not risk losing your dream job and suffering the embarrassment over something as silly as the internet.


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