Eva Longoria is Heading to Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is set to appear in the upcoming season of Fox comedy ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’ According to EW, Longoria is to appear in three episodes of the comedy, playing a defense attorney named Sophia. She catches Samberg’s attention because they square off in court. There may or may not be some tension between the two, perhaps causing a rift between Jake (Samberg) and Mellissa (Fumero), who was confessed to by Jake. Fox has confirmed her guest appearance on the show, stating that the first episode she’ll appear in will air in November. She is not the first guest-star appearance for the show this season and will also be joined by Kyra Sedgwick, Jenny Slate and Patton Oswalt. Be sure to check out the upcoming season of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ if you want to see your favorite desperate housewife.


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