Facebook Wants To Listen In On What You’re Doing

Facebook Wants To Listen In On What You’re Doing

Facebook has made a recent attempt to get more personal. “Facebook is rolling out a new feature for its smartphone app that can turn on users’ microphones and listen to what’s happening around them to identify songs playing or television being watched.”

Many people are hesitant of the technological advancement. It’s an invasion of privacy, per say. The aim of this new app, however, is for users to have an automatic way to update their statuses and communicate to the world what they are doing. The Facebook newsroom made clear in its announcement that the feature was optional, and no one is forced to use the new update.

The feature is meant to serve the customers as a modern convenience. You simply turn on the microphone and an audio icon will appear that will add songs or shows to your status without your having to type.

Just as in an old status update, you have control over who you wish to view your post. You can innovatively connect with your friends if you choose to share music, giving them a short preview of the song. Details of a show’s viewing, such as season and episode, will also be identified.

Facebook publicly addressed concerns earlier today, attempting to clear up the reluctance of the company’s motives. They stressed the fact that no information is ever stored, and conversations are not recorded.

Tentativeness regarding the feature seems to be high, but Facebook continues to press the update with hopes of reaching a communicative bridge. Should you be worried Facebook is getting too personal?


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