Fall 2017 Zodiac Fashion Feature: Leo!

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Happy birthday Leo! Although I don’t really believe in astrology, I find that all my Leo friends have several things in common! As Fall 2017 nears, let’s look at Leo’s fashion closet for the Autumn season! Leo’s are quite expressive people; career-wise, they enjoy working hard and look good doing it! They’re completely capable of keeping to themselves, but they enjoy company too, being as out-going as they are! You’ll notice most Leos are leaders or directors of a company. That’s because they love taking charge and being in control! Non-Leos, can strive to do this too!

The boldness of a Leo is also quite alluring. Leos tend to have a large social circle around them, they love attention and they ‘re sure to draw your attention too! They’re very honest, straightforward, dominating and appearance is everything! You could say they have strong egos, but Leos love to supply generously. They take “sharing is caring” to a whole new level. They love superiority on projects, at work, and generally in any competitive environment! Leos are attractive, friendly and energized with abilities to get things done, all with vitality!

A great trait we can learn from their personalities is the drive and determination to pursue their dreams. Leos, or lions, are kings of their kingdom. So naturally, it’s important and habitual to be the best at what you do, even socializing. For a Leo woman, color and bold cuts can be intriguing from an office to evening transition. We love crimson for Leos, because Leos are all about the drama! They love to make a statement, and ruby shades are in for Fall. Think bold prints, stark color and demanding scents for Leos (Si by Giorgio Armani has an ‘independent’ sort of aura, a musky blond wood with deep blackcurrant nectar). With Fall just around the corner, you want to make sure you’re at your peak in prosperity.

Although we can enjoy fashion inspired by zodiac interpretations, don’t expect magicians, enchanters, astrologers and diviners to interpret your dreams or predict your future! We can all choose to be what we’re passionate about from each of the zodiac signs in our lives! #BeFree

Keywords: Passion, Romance, Expression, Drama, Playfulness, Courageous, Loyal

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I love to create! I'm a fashion communications student, my ideas come from the sun at dawn. I'm a lefty and I believe glitter is essential for the spirit.

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