Fall 2017 Zodiac Fashion Feature: Virgo!

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It’s the birthday month for Virgos! Another great sign of the zodiac is the Virgo. Although you may already know that we don’t need to be confined to the rules and regulations of our famous zodiac’s prediction for our lives, characteristics given to each of the sun signs are lessons we can all learn greatly from. Virgos are seemingly the harmony of health and vitality of our planet. They’re known to be the symbol of virginity.

Virgos are said to be nurturing and caring, keeping a certain peace among society. They’re generally quiet and untroubled, which is a quality hard to come by in a chaotic world. One of the more interesting factors about horoscopes is the essence of capturing and releasing energy. I wouldn’t say astrology enables us this power, but we as individuals with souls, are capable of absorbing and releasing positive and good energy. This is an admirable trait the Virgos possess, but we, non-Virgos, can attain this too!

Virgos are known to be hard-workers (as seen with my Virgo friends), with so much to do all the time! Virgos are the type of people you find in your quiet neighborhood apartment, the girl who has a very “sunshiny” room, lots of huge plants, wears glasses and reads a magazine (that’s how I imagined a Virgo would be in their natural state). Most of my Virgo friends are usually distant and go home instead of going out, just to cook some chicken stew and play a board game with close family members or a best friend. Seclusion is another feature we can embrace in our lives. Besides, who doesn’t like having a nice warm chai on a lazy Saturday afternoon?

With so much precision in finding the right rhythm for their lives, Virgos (or even us for that matter) can become paranoid about keeping things orderly and in sync. Anyone would go insane trying to cope with overwhelming trifles that annoy us. I imagine this is why Virgos keep to themselves, so they don’t let the troubles of the world affect their tranquility. Virgos are naturally very earthy and kind, so simplicity and rustic elements are some key components for a Virgo’s closet.

Keywords for Virgo: Health, Helpfulness, Order, Organization, Innocence, Purity

Check out the Fall wardrobe closet for Virgo!

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I love to create! I'm a fashion communications student, my ideas come from the sun at dawn. I'm a lefty and I believe glitter is essential for the spirit.

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