Hello beauty fans, Fall is here! We love this time of year, the colors are so vivid! Burnt oranges, burgundies, deep chocolate browns, and coppers are everywhere you look! What better way to bring in fall than to talk about some some amazing eyeshadow combos you can rock this season? This week is going to be dedicated to Fall makeup trends and how you can achieve the look at home! It will be broken up into 4 parts, so as always grab your favorite drink, settle in, and let’s talk beauty!

This first combo was inspired by the changing leaf colors that happen this time of year and was created using a combo of Makeup Geek (MG) and MAC shadows. We used Peach Smoothie (MG), Red Brick and Rule in our crease with Brown Script on the lid. Peach Smoothie is a light peachy-beige matte shade that we used as our transition color. Next, we applied Rule which is a bright orange matte, followed by Red Brick which is a matte orangish red shade. Lastly, we used Brown Script, a warm chestnut brown shade, on the entire eyelid. This is one of our ride or die shades, we pretty much use this shade in every look we do. It’s so versatile and works on every skin tone. If you don’t have this baby in your makeup collection you need it, STAT!

**TIP-How to use blending brushes
Brushes go from big to small starting with the top of the crease down to the eyelid.

Large fluffy blending brushes used for transition colors are used in the upper crease.
Examples: MAC 224, and Sigma E40

Medium sized goat hair blending brushes are smaller and denser giving more precision when blending, so they are used in the lower crease and outer corner.
Examples: Mac 217 and Sigma E 25

Small pointed precision brushes are ideal for packing on/blending color so they are used on the lower lash line to smoke out shadow and to pack on shadow on the outer V(corner of the eyelid)
Example: MAC 219 Pencil Brush.

How to achieve the look:

Step 1 Apply Eyeshadow Primer

There are so many options when it comes to eyeshadow primers, but for us, we love the MAC Prolongwear Paint Pots, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and Urban Decay Primer Potions the best. Just make sure to apply a primer before applying eyeshadow otherwise your eyeshadow will not stay put and you will end up with it underneath your eyes, so not cute beauty fans!

Step 2 Apply Peach Smoothie

Using a MAC 224, or Sigma E40 swirl your brush in Peach Smoothie and tap off the excess. Then apply from the lower to upper crease in windshield wiper and circular motions, but do not bring the color up to the brow bone! Traditionally, transition colors are not really seen after the look is complete. They are used as a base to help with blending as you start to go in with deeper shades.

Step 3 Apply Rule

Using a MAC 224, or any fluffy blending brush, swirl your brush in Rule and tap off the excess, then apply to the crease below Peach Smoothie in windshield wiper and circular motions. Then go back over it with a clean blending brush to make sure there are no harsh lines. Our favorite brush to use for this is the Morphe M505 brush.

Step 4 Apply Red Brick

Using a Sigma E25 or a MAC 217 brush swirl your brush in Red Brick and tap off the excess. You really only need a small amount of this color, too much and you’ll look like you have an eye infection! You can always add more, but it’s a lot harder to take away. Apply to the lower part of your crease below Rule in windshield wiper and circular motions. Then go back over it with a clean blending brush making sure there are no harsh lines.

Step 5 Apply Brown Script

Using a MAC 242, or Sigma E55 brush, pack the shadow all over the lid getting it all the way into the inner and outer corners making sure not to leave any spaces. Since we are not doing a darker shade in the outer V you need to make sure this color is applied evenly all over the lid. Then go back in with your clean blending brush and buff out the crease where the lid color meets the crease colors.

Step 6 Eye Liner: Optional

We did not use eyeliner for this look, but if you want to do a wing you can either use a liquid eyeliner, no brush needed or a gel eyeliner like MAC’s Blacktrack or Maybelline’s Blackest Black gel liner. If using the gel make sure to use a small eyeliner brush like the Sigma E11.

Step 7 Smoke Out Lower Lash Line

Using a MAC 219 or any other pencil brush swirl your brush in Brown Script and tap off the excess, then run it back and forth on your lower lash line from outer to inner corner. After that dip your MAC 217 or Sigma E25 into Rule and go over the Brown Script blending it out. We don’t want a harsh line we want it look diffused and blown out. If you want the lower lash line darker add more Brown Script and less Rule, but make sure to still blend it out.

Tip: If you have small eyes do not bring the shadow all the way to the inner corner instead stop about ¾ of the way in. If you go all the way to the inner corner it will close off your eyes making them look smaller.

Step 8 Apply Mascara or Falsies

Apply your favorite pair of false eyelashes to complete the look, or just mascara your naturals!

Below is a link to our eye brushes article which gives you a breakdown in more detail of what each brush does as well as our favorites!


Don’t forget to read tomorrow’s article to see which color combo we have in store for you!

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