You have made an online profile that would make anyone fall in love with you. Damn, even you would date you with this profile. You have the best, most flattering pictures. All you have to do is wait for the love of your life. If only making someone adore you were that easy.

Don’t be overwhelmed by every message that you receive once your profile is public. Once others start to show interest, you may even feel like you are fresh meat for the taking. That is all right because the site is going to begin by showing more times to the point you are at your most desirable. You will be seen first because you are new.

You will meet many beautiful men and good looking men online. It is critical to remove those whom you wish not to speak with anymore. It will prevent you from getting emails about new contacts for you to meet. So how do you know when to get rid of contacts?

Firstly, if a man or woman give you their number and want to get together on the same day, they are not marriage material. The person is not looking for a relationship and only hunting for a hot moment of quick passion and nothing more. You can meet someone casually on a whim and who wants that? Also, if he/she asks for more photos, they are just a nut that simply wants some person that is flawless. They will never be satisfied, so it is best to proceed and find the other fish in the sea.

In the same way,  if a man does not offer to meet and doesn’t message within two days, then by no stretch of the imagination is he ready to settle down either. Those that want to be in a relationship ought to talk and get to know you. Also, if someone picks apart your profile and grumbles about your “sentence structure utilization, then what else will they pick apart? Somebody that will inevitably be a killjoy in the relationship will be a mistake.

So don’t surge forward too quickly. Take some time. Internet dating is not a race. Get familiar with your contact on and offline. If by the second email of conversation if a date has not been set up then he or she is are not ready to settle down, and they are not taking this seriously. If you do meet up, review the situation. If you are meeting for coffee, then he is cheap, and if you meet for drinks, then it is just for the show. If you meet at a party, then it is not serious, but if you meet for dinner, then you can assume he is serious. That is a green light.

If you like one another, then you should get to know each other. Don’t  check if they are online all the time. They are looking to see if you are online as well. They may even be looking at your photos or trying to see what you are up to on the site as well.

Web dating can take up a colossal amount of time if you do not watch yourself. Only spend an hour a day on your PC.  Web dating should simply be the framework for meeting someone. There are various ways to find love, so do not get so wrapped up in the process and be starry-eyed on the web dating roadway.

Image via Flickr/Fabio Sola Penna

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