Stanford researchers may have come across a material that can renew clothing manufacturing. This discovery could be one of the most momentous inventions of the 21st century.

This material could be interlaced into clothing and what it would do is cool the body by as much as four degrees. This material would be much more proficient than the manufactured norm. As a result, more comfortable clothing would be produced and buildings could see a reduction in energy costs due to the lack of use in air conditioning.

The material being interlaced into the clothing would consume heat in two ways: (1) sweat and moisture would be evaporated, and (2) body heat in the shape of infrared radiation would pass through instead of the heat being entrapped. According to a statement from the university, that seems to be the complication of cotton-based clothing.

Shanhui Fan, an electrical engineering professor who concentrates on photonics (the study of visible and invisible light), said:

“Forty to sixty percent of our body heat is dissipated as infrared radiation when we are sitting in an office, but until now there has been little or no research on designing the thermal radiation characteristics of textiles. Wearing anything traps some heat and makes the skin warmer. If dissipating thermal radiation were our only concern, then it would be best to wear nothing.” Also, the professor said, “If you want to make a textile, you have to be able to make huge volumes inexpensively.”

Researchers are looking to make the production low-priced. The question is, if this breakthrough releases, where do we go to get our supply?

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