Fashion Designers Branching Out with Hotel Line

More and more fashion designers are taking over the hospitality business, a trend that has been recently occurring.

Thierry Mugler, a well-known fashion designer has taken o the streets to design and open a new luxury hotel business off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Mugler has gone into a partnership with an architecture firm to help build up his own ideas. He is expecting to unleash a 600-room hotel in a location called Domino Towers.

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The building almost looks futuristic, complete with an Islamic Cultural Centre, residential office spaces, and a private marine and marine research facility. “When one has found a method of self-expression, one evolves with it!” Thierry has said in a recent statement. Mugler felt fashion was not fulfilling what he wanted out of life. He wanted to enhance his abilities and go forward in the entertainment field because it is a hobby Mugler has always been interested in.

Depending on how much they are involved, fashion designers want to see if they can launch an exciting endeavor. Celebrated names take hold of the hospitality business, setting up their standards when they pursue a new career. Donatella is one of the names that has popped up in the hotel business. She has opened up Palazzo Versace in Dubai. Although it has not seen very much publicity, Donatella still makes progress with another hotel in Macau. In 2018, Karl Lagerfeld also wants to open up a luxury hotel, hopefully in the Lisboa Place Complex in China. Armani and Bulgari also take the lead with hotels in various cities around the world.

From the looks of it, it seems to be working out for goal-reaching fashion designers. Creativeness does not come easily to people, but when you are in the world of fashion, creation can get you thinking of what else there is to do. Being a designer is more than stitching together fabric to make a shirt. They have dedication. They are leaders, organizers, planners, executors, controllers, and so forth. There is a team behind them mimicking what their boss wants out of them. Fashion designers also have a business savvy side to them and their work. Ideas are constantly coming to the surface and it takes vulnerability to be that exposed in the public. Society has made fashion popular, therefore every detail gets around. It would not be tricky finding that inner creation and making a building rather than clothes out of it instead.

The hotels that these famous fashion designers have formed are incredible and does well to capture the essence of the fashion designer. This enables them to stick with who they are and formulate their hotels in a way that still seeks out a good customer base.

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