Fashion Guru, Louise Wilson, Dies at 52


Saturday night, June 7th, the world renowned fashion guru, Louise Wilson, passed away at the age of 52.

According to British Vogue, she died in her sleep, visiting her sister in Scotland. The fashion professor had been the director of the MA fashion course at Central Saint Martins in London since 1992, and had helped flourish and launch the careers of so many of the most popular designers in the fashion industry. While prestigious and knowledgable, the professor became infamous because of her aggressive and “tell it like it is” nature.

Back in 2012, Wilson told Telegraph, “People think I’m rude.” Correcting the public opinion she said, “I’m not rude, I’m just not networking, it’s just honesty. In Who’s Who my hobbies are listed as eating, sleeping and voicing one’s opinion. Not necessarily the right opinion but it’s mine.” Being unashamed of her honesty and blunt manner of speaking wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, it was the very thing that got her the respect and reputation she deserved.

She received OBE for services to the fashion industry and education in 2008, and had tutored and mentored designers like Phoebe Philo, Jonathon Saunders, Christopher Kane and even Alexander McQueen! After leaving Saint Martins in 1997, she was the design director of Donna Karan in New York, until 1999, where she continued spreading her wealth at knowledge of the industry as the course director of MA Fashion.

Jeremy Till, head of Saint Martins, painted Wilson as, “…an inspirational person both within the college and the wider world of fashion.” Continuing, he stated that, “Her commitment to her students and passion for creative excellence are legendary. Her deep understanding of fashion and her drive for funding for bursaries, facilities and opportunities are part of what made her such an extraordinary educator…Louise’s legacy will live on at CSM through her former students and current teaching colleagues who were so close to her. Central Saint Martins is grateful to have been able to enjoy the fruits of Louise’s great talent for educating for the last twenty years and will support her staff and students as they go forward from here.”

Remembered by Central Saint Martins and the massive imprint she left on the fashion industry, no one will miss Louise Wilson more than her partner, Timmi, and their son, Tim.



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