Fashion Industry & its Leather Types


Fashion leather is one of the oldest and most luxurious fabrics in the market. Imagine a world without leather; it has been there right from the existence of human beings. Now, when we talk about leather, we do not mean wearing animal hides like back in the day when people used to wear such materials as clothes or footwear. The current times talk about different varieties of leather that can add sophistication and style to our personality with ease.

Types Of Leather Used In Shoes

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Leather Shoes | Pexels

Some people argue shoes are an equally important clothing accessory, like others, including coats and trousers for men and women, respectively. Since time immemorial, shoes have become an integral part of our wardrobe and they include almost many styles, colors, and blends.

Leather has won the race against other materials like plastic, fabric, rubber, and many more, as it is considered the most elaborating material available in the market today.

Types Of Leather Used In Bags

Leather Bag | Pexels

Bags are an inseparable part of our personality; we carry them to work or any business outing every day so that we forget nothing crucial for us at home. While shoes and clothes might give a tough competition to the bag, they cannot overshadow this accessory in such a way that no one can deny its significance in the fashion industry.

Types Of Leather Used In Clothing

Leather Jacket | Pexels

Clothing is one of those categories where leather is often preferred over almost many fabrics because of its durability and exclusive look. This fabric has a great demand in the market and there are many styles available to choose from.

Types Of Leather Used In Furniture

Leather Furniture | Pexels

Leather is one of those fabrics that have been successful in making their impression everywhere, which includes your living room as well. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a piece of furniture in any house that does not include leather upholstery or covers because this material adds sophistication and opulence to any home decor. In fact, leather is considered as the most luxurious fabric that can add style and excellence to any household item.

Types Of Leather Used Watches

Leather Watch | Pexels

Watches are considered as one of the key accessories that include almost all fashion-savvy people; accessories like accessories can make or break an attire. Watches today use leather straps because they look cool and add sophistication to your personality.

Types Of Leather Used In Purses

Leather Purse | Pexels

Purses or clutches are considered a key fashion accessory that every fashion diva must own to look fashionable at once. Not everyone can afford high-end bags from brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, etc.; therefore, you should not worry about your budget if you cannot pay hefty price tags attached to these designer brands. Here at Style craze, we have listed down several options that you can choose from and these options include some affordable brands as well that do not empty your pockets for your favorite purses.

Types Of Leather Used In Belts

Leather Belts | Pexels

Belts are another great way of adding style and oomph to your personality; they further expand the utility of shirts, jeans, pants, and other outfits easily. For men, it is an irreplaceable accessory, as there is no option left if they lose their belts or forget to carry them with themselves. While selecting a belt, a person must consider a few factors like color, material, measurements, etc. because they play a crucial role in making your personality look classy and suave at once.

Types Of Leather Used In Hats

Leather Hat | Pexels

Hats are great options if you want to hide your greasy hair or if you feel like covering yourself from the scorching sun. There are all kinds of hats available in the market today; fedora, trilby, cap, etc. all look cool and give a classy look instantly; leather is considered one of the best materials that can be used for making these accessories.

Differentiating Leather From Faux Leather
Leather | Pinterest

There are some people who often get confused between leather and faux leather because of the similar look that these both share. However, there are several differences that you can see once you have a close look at them on being asked to do so.

Look At These Differences:

Leather is considered the most expensive material available in the market today; however, its price depends upon various factors like the type of animal it has been taken from, and then process and tanning is done accordingly that allows it to become more durable and long-lasting. Imitation or faux leathers hardly take before getting damaged; they can be easily scratched and their stains cannot be easily cleaned. Another factor that differentiates leather from faux ones is that the former looks elegant while the latter looks cheap and low grade.

  • It can be cleaned in a jiffy with just a wet cloth, whereas you should use some leather cleaners to clean imitation leather in order to get rid of stains and marks on it.
  • Leather can stretch easily when needed; however, faux leather hardly has any stretchability, which results in tearing at certain joints sometimes such as elbows or knees,.
  • Imitation types of leather are not environment friendly since animal hides undergo several chemical processes before getting converted into leather.
  • Leather upholstery adds elegance and sophistication to your home decor or office interior because of its luxurious looks as faux as one makes your room look cheap.
  • Leather can make several products like shoes, belts, wallets, etc. while the faux ones are restricted to bags and jackets only.
  • Another major difference between leather and faux leather is that the former is more lightweight whereas the latter makes your bag bulgy because of its weight, thus creating difficulty in carrying it all day long.
  • The durability of leather is unmatched, which means you can use it for years without worrying about any damage or tear; faux leather hardly lasts for a few months before you see cracks on it.
  • Leather goods look elegant, but their imitation variants look tacky and cheap, which cannot be ignored at any cost by people who have refined taste in fashion.
  • You can get leather at an affordable price nowadays; however, faux kind of stuff is easily available in the market and one does not need to spend much money on it.
  • The look and feel of leather is far better than the fake one; therefore, you should never go for imitation ones when purchasing a belt, shoes, or any other product that has skin as its component.

Choosing the right leather is crucial for fashion-conscious men and women. This is because there are many types of leather available in the market today. There are different leather like bonded, full-grain, top-grain, etc. The above tips should help you in getting the best kind of leather, whether it is for a handbag, wallet, or any other accessory.

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