Illustration of a man's capsule wardrobe. Image Source: Trunk Clubcapsule wardrobe

Nothing beats waking up late for work and rushing to your closet to find what to wear already planned, rather than a tidy wardrobe full of more confusion. For this, a capsule wardrobe will do the trick. A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of essential clothes and outfits you wear on various occasions.

As the name implies, a capsule wardrobe has 30 to 40 outfits maximum and 4 to 5 pairs of shoes that you wear for three months straight. It was a term used in American publications in the early 1940s to describe a small collection of garments designed to be worn together.

Creating this kind of wardrobe is simple because it includes a visibility factor that allows you to notice your clothes that otherwise go unnoticed. 

Instead of hoarding hundreds of outfits in a closet, a capsule wardrobe includes clothes that have been sorted and will be worn in the coming days. Include your accessories, such as bracelets, sunglasses, hats, handbags, and shoes of your choice, such as sneakers, flats, or heels.

Create categories in your wardrobe to help you separate your clothes and reduce the struggle of deciding which clothes to keep.

However, choose your outfits and accessories based on the season or type of day. Filling it will save you from overspending.

Here are the reasons you need a capsule wardrobe:

Offers space for the more important thing

Lack of storage space should not be an issue when using a capsule wardrobe if your clothes are properly organized.

Focus on the things that matter

If you want to save time looking for what to wear, you should have an organized wardrobe rather than a pile of clothes in your closet. Try out the capsule wardrobe; it will allow you to replace your fashion space while also focusing more on what matters in your wardrobe.

Keeping this with you will assist you in discovering the clothes you prefer to wear and how many outfits are necessary for your day-to-day life.

Tackles decision fatigue

The fatigue that comes with choosing between multiple outfits to wear can exhaust; however, the capsule wardrobe will assist you in overcoming decision fatigue. This wardrobe allows you to prepare and choose the perfect outfit for everyday.

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