“Fashion” Mistakes to Ditch in Your Thirties


large eyeglasses_StyleFT

  1. Glitter. This is for little, high school kids. You may be able to get away with some shimmer bronzer or nude colored eye make up in your twenties, but from then on, consider it a no go – unless you want to look like you’re trying to be younger.
  2. Tops With Matching Covers. Though cardigans do dress up most, if not all, outfits, finding one to match the exact shade of your clothes underneath could run the risk of you looking much older than you actually are.
  3. Big Eyeglasses. No matter how “chic” or “hipster” you think you look, it will ruin your entire outfit if you’re wearing this in your thirties. It won’t look stylish, it’ll just look like you need new frames.
  4. Outfits that are Too Tight. Wearing clothes that are overly tight will also make you look like you are trying to be younger than you really are, as well as having people staring at you for all of the reasons you wouldn’t want them to be.
  5. Powder Foundations. It just sits on your skin, and will make the wrinkles pop off your face. Find a liquid foundation that matches your skin perfectly. Remember, you don’t want people knowing that you’re wearing make-up.
  6. The “Natural” Look. Again, you don’t want to wear enough make-up that people notice it’s not natural, but you don’t want to go completely neutral looking either. Wear something that gives you a little pop, like a simple, dark shade of lipstick, or mascara to bring out your long lashes. Bottom line: don’t look too drab and dry.
  7. Small Accessories. Of course, since a huge part of life today are smart phones and tablets, you would want these things to match your clothing. Just choose wisely. Like a handbag, find covers and accessories that are simple and can go with anything you choose to wear, and aren’t too flashy!



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