Fashion Models Prove You Can Follow Your Dream At Any Age

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Time goes by so fast. One day we are learning to ride a bike and the next we’re graduating college on our way into the real world. You blink and you are already halfway through life. Sound relatable? Life can go at such a fast past sometimes people never “stop and smell the roses”. We end up just going through the motions and never stop to think. Many people realize later on in life that they just did what they thought they were ‘suppose to do’ and never end up in the place they once dream as a small kid.

If any of this sounds like you don’t worry you are not alone. So many people go down a road in life and later realize it was the wrong direction. Luckily, it is never to late to follow your real dreams. As I’m sure you’ve heard, age is just a number, and there are so many people who prove that at any age you can continue to chase what you want.

If you need some inspiration check out the blog site called “That’s Not My Age”. It is run by Alyson Walsh and it focusing on celebrating older age women and showing people once you hit a certain age you’re not “of the radar”. People think once they hit a certain period their life their old and no longer able to do the things they once wanted, but this blog site proves otherwise.

In the past few years’ designers have also began to celebrate age within a women and even have been casting older models in their shows and campaigns. Just recently, 73-year-old model Lauren Hutton was cast as one of the models to appear in a Calvin Klein Lingerie Campaign. And last year at this time H&M hired Gillean McLeod, and 60-year-old stylist, to model their swimwear.

Women need to embrace their age and show that you can look good at any point in your life. No women should feel that once they hit a certain point they should become invisible and give up on themselves. This is a way to show younger women that at any age you can achieve your goals and you can do anything you set your mind to. Thankfully there are so many successful women who started to make names for themselves at and older ages that many younger females can look up to.

In the modeling industry, hiring older women to appear in shoots and shows has been increasing rapidly. This allows people to be able to see more of a “real life women” wearing clothing rather than a young glamorous fashion model who most people cannot relate to. Designers are using these women to give their clothing a more low-key everyday vibe and show off causal designs.

Women young and old need someone they can relate to and be inspired by, someone that represent real life. The want to engage with ambitious role models has been picked up by casting agencies and brands who see a need for this in the industry.

Co-founder of “All Walks Beyond the Catwalk”, Debra Bourne, is an advocate for increasing diversity within the fashion industry. Seeing older faces in the media has been encouraging for her and she feels it is something we needed to see happen in this world. It shows that you should never be written off at any age. Twenty years old or sixty, at any age now you can do continue to do what you love without worry or critic.

The industry is now recognizing individuals to use as role models by their attributes and accomplishments in life rather than just by the way they look. Some people have lived such interesting life’s but continue to change and strive for what their real goals are, and it is inspiring for the younger generation to see. As Coco Chanel said, ‘you can be irresistible at any age’, and now the media and the world is starting to agree.

Lover of all things fashion from day one. While everyone else was reading long novels you could catch me browsing through the style portion of any magazine. I'm a reality show junkie in all forms and will endlessly watch The Food Network while shamelessly throwing in some reruns of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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