Italian women know well how to exhibit their torrent of temperament and the intensity of their self-confidence. They marry the fashion trends in a genius way and see the world on their high heels.

They give another definition to elegance, and this can only be a conquest. If you have visited Rome or Milan you will have noticed, besides their rich beauty and history, the elegance of the Italians, their air and refinement. After all, Milan is especially considered the capital of fashion and the women of the Mediterranean who live there, priestesses of style. Bright, always impressive and meticulous, the Italians are a model of aesthetics, delivering style lessons every day. What are the rules that follow in dressing? What is the key to breathtaking appearances?

We discovered the basic rules that every Italian girl follows in fashion, in order to get the air of an actual star!

1. Killer High-Heels

Temperament, confidence, imposing presence. This is the triptych of success for every appearance of sexy Italians, who are never careless. From the gym to the supermarket for the shopping of the week until their morning outing in the cafes of the city, they ensure that they are elegant. They do not think to go out the door of their house and not be a model of aesthetics. A basic need for this task is high heels. They love stiletto heels! You will not see an Italian woman finding it difficult to take off a look with high heels. Right as they are an extremely feminine piece of any wardrobe.

2. Always Focused

A big part of their finesse is the recognition of their strengths and weaknesses. If they think that their strong point is their feet, they will emphasize this with the clothes they choose. Respectively, with their torso, arms or neck. What is your strongest feature? What part of your body makes you feel like 1 million dollars? Find it, love it, and promote it! When you feel more confident with your clothing choices, you automatically feel ready to face any occasion, always in style!

3. Feeling Sexy

Invest In Fine Lingerie….

Perhaps the most basic rule of an Italian diva and a “hidden” way to feel sensual every day: sexy lingerie. Italian women invest almost as much in their bags in lingerie, with a special love for silk and lace. A pair of well-made undies gives you security, hugs your body, and gives points of eroticism and self-confidence. Beauty starts from the inside and somehow, the femme fatales transferred this norm to the dress! They start with elegant underwear, so that they have an even more elegant outfit.

4. Building It up

As mentioned above, the Italians take off elegant images without condition and location. To achieve this, they follow a process in their dressing. They always start from the central part of their appearance, whether it is a floral dress or a jacket or a simple skinny jean and “build” the whole axis with this fashion piece. Earrings, shoes, belts, bags, vests. Everything follows the vibe of the main song, for convenience and an unmistakable result!

5. Mind The Details

They can create an image inspired by a particular piece, but the Italians leave nothing to chance. Bags, hats and sunglasses are their weaknesses. In their wardrobe, they always have a structured bag, fedora hats, and big sunnies in a classic design. Fendi, Miu Miu and Emporio Armani are among their favorite brands! The Italian fashion industry is a model in the global industry, with leading designers and fashion houses.

6. Summer Breeze

An ideal choice for summer – the Italian Riviera is a jewel of the Mediterranean – and the unmistakable addition to their summer wardrobe are the kaftans. Airy, with fringes or strong patterns, they upgrade your appearance on the beach, easily and quickly. It is a piece of “paspartou” as it can be worn as beachwear, then keep it for your lunch in the city or if you are bold to add a belt and sandals, turning it into the ultimate boho item for your night out!

7. Styling Hair

Styling Hair Is An Important Affair…

Most women there are in the hair even if they have to go to the grocery store. Their ability to walk so fast in high heels still impresses me. They “invest” in specific pieces: in a pair of stiletto heels, in a dress that emphasizes the neckline, in sexy lingerie and a stylish handbag.

8. Invest in Cashmere

They love cashmere, thin sweaters. Lora Piana, Malo and Brunello Cucinelli are brands that are high on their tastes.

9. They Have a Weakness for Hats

Hats Complete The Look…..


They have a weakness for hats: they consider a hat to “complete” their outfit. The Borsalino brand has a “tradition” of elegant hats – for both sexes – since 1857.

10. A Classic Statement Handbag

A Lavish Handbag is a Must-have…

It is an integral part of their appearance: A large percentage of Italians hold a leather bag (they love the brands Furla, Bottega Veneta and Salvatore Ferragamo).

11. Never Without Their Glasses

It is the touch that makes the difference in their appearance. Italian women love the names Ray Ban, Emporio Armani, Miu Miu and Fendi.

12. Never With Flats

They consider flat shoes to be antisexual. They only wear them when they go for a swim!

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