In today’s day and age, there are many odd things. Some of these include cat cafes, beard beanies, and bacon flavored chocolate. Now the word odd is not relating to the word bad. These things are very interesting and innovating in themselves. Some are helpful while some are a little lackluster.

Yet the in recent years the world was just graced with a brand new concept. A fashion business on wheels. Food trucks have gained rising popularity over the years. Yet in Illinois, one woman is taking that idea a little further. Simply replace the food with fashion. The creator is named Ellen Grace and she is the owner of Penny Loafers and Pearls in Illinois.

Grace started her business as an online store at first. However, over time she began to experiment with the idea of a mobile store. This way she could go to public events and sell her merchandise. Grace also hopes to have customers host their own events. Many stores offer home events yet Grace’s offer is a little more interesting.

Ellen Grace is based in Chenoa, Illinois. The truck is pretty unique for the area. This is because Chenoa is has a small town feel to it. Hopefully the residents there will find this truck as exciting as Grace. As of right now the results are looking pretty optimistic.

Grace just recently started her business in November last year. The shop offers an array of different styles and sizes. Grace also goes the extra mile for her business. She hand selects each item that is sold. This makes for her to be absolutely sure of the quality.

Grace also loves shopping. Therefore performing the quality checks are one of her favorite things. The truck will be an interesting addition to the town of Chenoa. Grace’s husband is an elementary school principal thinking of retirement. After putting her children first Grace was ready to start her dreams.

Though the fashion truck idea is a cool one it is not the first of its kind. Some different fashion trucks include the Clavillè Fashion Truck, Le Fashion Truck, and the Denver Fashion Truck. Yet these are all based in different areas. These areas include Virginia, California, and of course Colorado. Each of these trucks also offers different styles of fashion.

The concept is fairly new, though. It is probably based on the recent popularity in mobility. The ability to be mobile also offers flexibility. You can travel anywhere in the state. This is because one has to obtain specific licenses in order to sell merchandise. Yet you are not confined to one specific area.

Yet being able to take off to each public event is crucial. It is like the food truck business and lunch hour. Each time they take off to a busy complex with tons of hungry workers. The trucks can then travel around until the next break period. Or, even better, hit the very next break period in a different complex and so forth.

The fashion industry has been constantly evolving in these past few years. The market has become diversified and people are now getting creative. New pieces offer new looks into the future. Plus business management is a part of this industry. Giving owners the chance to think outside of the set, normal box.

The fashion truck is where this idea was from. Yet it is not for every business owner. Some people might like being in the same place. A truck might be too cramped or not stable enough. Though it offers an alternative to traditional business. So this way more creative entrepreneurs can make their own dreams come true, just as Ellen Grace did.

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