14 Secrets Makeup Artists Wish To Tell you

Makeup contributes to elevating self-confidence. However, make-up artists are aware of a lot of mistakes that women make. If only they could share this information with clients before working on their faces. Use More Concealer Than Foundation Makeup artists always apply concealer first, then foundation. This way, they can work on areas where you need extra coverage more effectively. On…

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What is a Reseller?

In 2020, resellers seemed to be a discussion on Twitter every time there was a launch, especially for sneakers. So, what is a reseller exactly? All we know is there is a negative connotation around the word reseller. Both from the consumers and brands. A reseller is defined as a company or individual that purchases goods or services intending to sell them.…

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10 Ways To Wear Pants

Pants are a comfortable piece in our wardrobe. It can get us out of many difficult situations in choosing clothes, in many kinds of circumstances. Of course, we always consider her fabric and the rest of our outfit. There are 10 ways to wear a pair of pants. Get your ideas, do tests in your mirror, do market research if…

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