Fashion History

Fashion History Inspired by Music

Fashion is a mode of self-expression at a specific time and place, such as clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, and hairstyles. Throughout the years, the history system, media, and music trends have popularized fashion. With performers such as The Beatles, Prince, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie, among others, taking over the fashion scene with their sense of style, the fashion…

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Subtle and Simple Style Lessons

Look at the pages and blogs of fashion magazines or popular fashion social media and you quickly realize that the inspiration and the ultimate flawless look is the combination of subtle choices and unexpected combinations. It is not just the accumulation of clothes and accessories, but the subtle choices for our body type, our lifestyle and attention to detail. These…

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14 Secrets Makeup Artists Wish To Tell you

Makeup contributes to elevating self-confidence. However, make-up artists are aware of a lot of mistakes that women make. If only they could share this information with clients before working on their faces. Use More Concealer Than Foundation Makeup artists always apply concealer first, then foundation. This way, they can work on areas where you need extra coverage more effectively. On…

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