Felix Flair : Style for the Modern Men; FashionMister!

The motto is “style for the modern man,” although many of Felix Flair’s Instagram posts appear to emerge from Jay Gatsby’s world. A true fashionMister brand; a fashion connoisseur, this brand and promoter of elegant menswear has an Instagram worth following. The style is incredibly proper, emphasizing the dapper charcoal grey suit, with the white button-down casually popped open at the neck, pocket square barely falling out, and watch glistening innocently on a strong wrist. Felix Flair loves a good Italian leather loafer, paired with a plaid sport coat and appropriately masculine man purse (Italian leather, of course). Felix Flair isn’t afraid of color, especially pastels. Despite leaning toward the excessively vintage at times, the looks are almost never too flamboyant. The ensembles are quietly stylish, and have their special place in Rome, Stockholm, Paris, or New York, although they lend themselves well toward the European crowd.

Enjoy exploring Felix Flair’s Instagram for menswear inspiration.


Edited by Zain.

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