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Another startup business is on the rise. Fashwire, a Seattle-based company is about to get better because of the new customer-to-designer feedback that Fashwire will be providing for customers. Fashion designers are able to upload an image of one of their pieces and then customers get to rate that piece. Both the customer and designer get to pick and choose what they like, which is a good marketing tool for everyone involved.

The funds that will be raised from the Fashwire app will be used to reach out to more established designers for the store. They have already closed some deals from this app so now they are ready to hit the streets.

This will be a good look in-to for designers as they are constructing garments. They will have a closer look into what people want, which will allow designers to create clothing that match up with the latest trends. Customers also get a feel for the design world by giving feedback.

It is almost like they are an assistant to the designer where they are basically giving an okay to a particular design. The app is a fun way to be involved with the fashion industry without getting too overwhelmed.

Fashwire is a good strategy for the consumer and the designer because you will potentially be able to see what may be in stores simply by using the app, and what should be tossed out. Although, it may seem like an unpromising app, it is actually pretty cool. Consumers are able to vote on garments, scroll through and follow designers and like what they post, and can win awards and discounts when you vote on clothing. If that meant I would be eligible to win designer handbags and clothing, then I am all for this app. It seems like everyone would be winning.

There is a lot of competition floating around when it comes to Fashwire, but with less offers maybe. Amazon and Nordstrom are also trying to take a turn in the innovative fashion world so we will see what will happen soon. An app that is easy to navigate around and that is inexpensive or free might be more enticing to people rather than one that is more pricey and harder to use.

Fashwire has 6,000 users and 1,400 designers so far. I am sure the app will continue expanding in order to gain more individuals scrolling through the app. The app will soon be charging designers a fee and letting sponsors set up advertisements and product offerings on the app.

If we were in charge of what is selling at well-known stores and mass-brand companies, the world would change. There are constant evaluations when it comes to clothing and the clothing stores that are selling merchandise. If consumers could have a say in what designers and fashion brands should be selling, there would be less annoyance with what everyone is putting on the floor.

The app is a great idea for fashion heads and consumers.

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