Childhood Affects Romantic Relationships

7 Ways Childhood Affects Romantic Relationships

Can an adult develop a particular personality feature only as a result of childhood experiences? Do you want to know how childhood trauma affects romantic relationships? What effects does childhood have on adult relationships today? Childhood events shape our emotional development. Adulthood may be viewed as an extension of your youth. As a result, as adults, people will strive to…

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magda butrym

Who is Magda Butrym?

Magda Butrym is a Polish designer who creates clothing for women who want to feel refined, graceful and feel different, not just for the evening, but for any occasion. Launched in 2014, Magda Butrym started her own label after working as a stylist in the fashion industry for years. Her time as a stylist gave her an idea of what…

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Summer In Europe: 15 Safest Destinations To Visit After The Coronavirus

Summer in Europe has always been a celebration time for travel enthusiasts. European countries are gradually lifting restrictions, opening their borders and promoting new strategies to ensure travel safety. Europe is becoming a realistic possibility for travelers after coronavirus.   Here we are presenting you 15 safe destinations to spend Summer in Europe after the pandemic. These destinations benefit from…

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bathroom rugs

10 Best Double Sink Bathroom Rugs For A Trendy Place in 2021

What can be the real style statement while selecting double sink bathroom rugs? The term imagines the perfect size that’s adequate for ampler space on the bathroom floor. Elegant decor evolution in bathroom designing is now an essential part of home interior projects and luxury lifestyle. Complementing styles with practicality in bath rugs are not only there to make the…

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Gucci Cancels Cruise Show due to Coronavirus

Gucci Cancels Cruise Shows As Precaution Against Coronavirus

Gucci’s most awaited Cruise 2021 show was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. On Tuesday, the luxury fashion brand released a statement to the public explaining why they canceled the event. According to Gucci, the show which is supposed to happen on May 18 in San Francisco was canceled because of the current and ongoing uncertainty prompted by the coronavirus…

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