Fendi Introduces App To Design Your Own Baguette Bag


Calling all bag fiends – this is definitely a piece of news you will want to read! According to a report by Who What Wear, Fendi recently released an app – for free! – that allows its users to customize their own versions of the classic Baguette bag design. “My Baguette” for the iPhone and Android gives buyers a carte blanche when it comes to designing their own bag. The app features a blank white bag and provides a wide selection of paint colors, brushes, filters, and editing options to create a personalized, one-of-a-kind Fendi creation. To help kick-start the designs, the app also features a gallery of past Baguette designs by famous artists like Michelangelo Postoletto, Lucy and Jorge Orta, and Tom Sachs. “The Baguette was conceived as a clever little bag, with minimalist lines but a whole lot of imagination. I am delighted that the digital crowd will now also have the opportunity to make their own Baguette bag which I can’t wait to see,” Fendi’s Creative Director, Silvia Venturini Fendi said in a statement to Who What Wear. The bag has been recreated in more than 1,000 versions since it was first designed and is about to be crafted into at least 1,000 more virtual versions.


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