For their latest collection, Fendi decided to play with contrasting colors and reintroduce some old favorites from past collections.

Karl Lagerfeld brought back fur pieces from the fall runway and reworked them, along with other patterns and embellishments into this new collection. Pieces include deconstructed patterns on silk pants, simple cotton tops, leather jackets with patchwork, giving them a vintage biker feel. The collection also includes silky maxi dresses, with stand out, colorful trimming.

Among the most popular pieces brought back was a print that is quite similar to graffiti. Originally shown in 1988, it was used for a silk and mesh top this year. The designer decided to keep it loud and vibrant, with matching jogging pants. Lagerfeld also used Pop Art for inspiration in his especially bright pieces, including the tangerine polka dotted top, which some say just begs to be worn.

Silvia Venturini, accessories Creative Director of the label, featured a few unconventional designs, like a Baguetter with adjustable straps and “FF”-shaped closure. She also included mini baby blue crocodile printed peekaboo bags, with metallic finishes.

Surely Fendi is taking fashion to a whole new level. They are making almost all of their deigns slightly over-the-top, while introducing new fabric takes on old favorites.


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