Five Reasons Bagels Always Beat Doughnuts

Photo by Linxi Deng

Bagels are personal while doughnuts are generic. In a breakfast, everyone looks for a smaller meal specifically fit for one’s own taste buds. Many struggle with finding a proper balance between health and taste. There have been numerous, heated debates concerning the health merits of both breakfast doughs, but one must keep in mind that a bagel can be made healthier, while a doughnut will always be the sugary lump, unalterable by nature. On this basis, as well as a few others, here are five reasons why everyone should choose a bagel for breakfast.
Photo by Linxi Deng

1. Toasting

A bagel can be made hot or cold, while a doughnut is always served at room temperature. A doughnut is at its prime when it is hot and fresh, which is why there are many times when Krispy Kreme falsely advertises (with their neon Hot and Fresh sign) so that more customers will be drawn to their product. Not only is this practice deceitful, it sets doughnut fans up for disappointment in the most desperate of times. On the other hand, bagels can be toasted to an individual’s exact specifications. It is not uncommon for bagel fans to stipulate exactly how long their breakfast should be toasted.

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Photo by Linxi DEng2. Toppings

If any doughnut has a topping you should immediately become skeptical. Doughnuts are made one way, and that is how you are forced to love them, however bagels can have numerous goodies piled in between the top and bottom to create a sandwich style, hearty breakfast. With your designated topping choice, a bagel can be transformed into a markedly healthy breakfast option. Toss a couple eggs, some cheese and a nice breakfast meat (I prefer sausage, some would rather bacon, I don’t judge) together to make your ideal kick start to the day. Bagels are not limited to healthy toppings though. Lets say it is getting to be that spring season, and a beautiful raspberry jam presents itself at a farmers market. If one prefers a doughnut breakfast, there would be no place for jam in my day, however the bagel route allows for numerous jam options. Without going any farther, one must also note that it is acceptable to melt butter onto a warm, toasted bagel. This fact alone should end the argument, as butter may be the best topping for any flour-based product in history. That said, let’s continue.

Photo by Linxi Deng3. Consistency

Bagels have weathered the storm of a tough, boiling process. Beneath this tough exterior lies an inner softness. The bi-leveled layering of bagels allows for an ideal transportation toughness. Throw a bagel in your bag and it won’t be crushed or crumbled. Doughnuts are more vulnerable to the elements, with only one consistency; these soft sugar-palaces are unable to retain their shape when placed under any pressure. Is that the type of breakfast you want to choose?


Photo by Linxi Deng

4. Filling Factor

Sorry doughnut fans, but your choice breakfast simply isn’t filling enough. If I am going to devote that many calories and grams of fat to the first meal of the day, I refuse to be hungry at 10:30am. Doughnuts are less and fattier. By nature, bagels are lower in fat, making them a relatively healthier choice. Bagels, independent of topping, are more filling than doughnuts, but when you add a choice topping, the two are simply incomparable.


Photo by Linxi Deng

5. Messiness

The final fact is that the post-breakfast process for a doughnut is far more comprehensive than that for a bagel. With the best part of a doughnut coming on the exterior of the pastry (sugar, glaze etc.) the eating process becomes a hassle. One must ready multiple napkins, wipes or even a full hand washing process après-doughnut. On the other hand, once a bagel is done, its done, with no additional time devoted to breakfast. For commuters or fast breakfast eaters, this can be a make-or-break factor in the decision.

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    • Bobby
    • July 29, 2015
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    Donuts are too good but I’ll never get sick of a good Everything bagel :p

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