Five Unusual Toppings For Your Yogurt

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The smooth, deliciousness of yogurt has recently become commercialized by chains such a Pinkberry and Sweet Frog. There’s no denying it, froyo is a delicious dessert; but if you’re a true yogurt lover at heart then you’ll always be loyal to the creamy goodness of a classic cup of plain old Yoplait. Sometimes, however, your taste buds needs a little extra kick, so if you’re a yogurt guru with a knack for trying new things, you may just want to gobble up these five unusual (yet delicious) toppings with your morning yogurt.

1) Cereal

via Flickr/Vsauce

via Flickr/Vsauce

While granola and yogurt go together like peanut butter and jelly, the cereal and yogurt combo is a little more abnormal. Sprinkle some Cheerios or Rice Crispies atop your morning yogurt, and enjoy a refreshing crunch with every bite. Throw in some fruit, and you’ve got a delightful parfait.

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