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The floral patterns are timeless, romantic, playful, impressive, and sometimes discreet. Floral pattern is a top fashion trend in the spring-summer of 2021. The following tips will help you create stunning looks, avoiding exaggerations and gaining impressions.

Floral patterns are a universal trend that have no age and are not only worn in spring and summer.

Floral patterns…..a Universal Trend

Some clothes or accessories are completely decorated with floral shapes in various sizes, while there are those that have flowers in some places.

Apart from the classic floral fabrics in the clothes that have a great variety of colors, the embroidered or embossed flowers are also exquisite, as well as the lace with flowers.

How to choose the perfect floral design for your clothes

Flower size: It is very important to choose the pattern according to your body type. For example, the larger the flowers, the more volume it adds to the body.

So if you are bigger, prefer a print with small flowers and the smaller ones bigger, without this being absolute. The most important thing is to wear large prints on the strong points of your body, and to avoid them in the areas where you do not want to emphasize.

Floral Dresses Are For Everyone…..

Colours: Make a first basic division into colors according to the season, although it is not the rule. This year, we will find from dark or neutral colors to bright and sweet pastels.

However, intense shades catch the eye. This means that avoid very vivid prints in places where we do not want to focus, e.g. a full circle. Here, a darker floral print is preferable.

Combinations with floral clothes

Floral Accessories

The easiest solution for impressive appearances are floral dresses. All you need are the monochrome accessories in a shade that matches one of the basic colors of their print.

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Adopt the floral by selecting a single piece, e.g. skirt, blouse or coat, and complete it with monochrome pieces that match or come in color in contrast to this printed pattern. This way you maintain balance.

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For the more daring, combine clothes with the same printed pattern or with different ones that match each other in shades and styles. Modaistas have shown the way…

If you create a total floral look, make sure the accessories and makeup are in neutral tones.


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The jewelry you choose is better to be minimal, in order to keep a balance in the ultimate image.

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If you choose, floral jewelry should be placed away from the print. For example, a floral necklace goes perfectly with a floral skirt or pants, but not with a floral blouse.

Floral dresses for every occasion


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The most popular floral outfit of the women’s wardrobe is the dress. Depending on its style (romantic, elegant, boho, sexy, etc.), the fabric and the print can be worn from morning to night or on a very formal evening.

Depending on the shoes and other accessories, they can easily take you from the morning, the office, the afternoon walk to the evening out.

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Another interesting suggestion to wear a floral dress is to combine it with a jacket, a cardigan, jeans or a leather jacket. Alternatively, you can turn it into a skirt, wearing a sweater or blouse on top. Also, a delightful idea to wear a summer printed dress in the fall or winter is to put on a turtleneck or a blouse.

Combining floral skirts


Floral skirts are suitable for any occasion…

Midi floral skirts are suitable for any occasion. Combine them with a monochrome shirt or blouse, and the corresponding accessories.

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The safest choice for perfect combinations with floral skirts are the monochrome tops and sweaters in a shade that matches the print. Ideally, you can choose the base color of the printed pattern. You can add a leather or denim jacket on top, or an elegant waist jacket.


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The maxi skirt for spring and summer creates more Bohemian or romantic looks. If you still like to play with prints and make mix & match combinations, you can match your floral skirt with polka dots, stripes or other floral designs in the top. However, this requires knowledge so that the combinations are balanced.

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A long floral skirt is perfect for morning appearances, but with more casual shoes, e.g. with sneakers, but also with ballerinas.

Choose “smart” floral patterns!

If you do not want to emphasize some parts of the body, choose something more discreet or patterns that do not focus on the weak point.

Floral blouses are easy to wear.

A floral blouse can be easily and perfectly combined with a monochrome skirt, as well as with pants, and looks just as impressive.


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For a more elegant office outfit, you can choose a blouse with discreet flowers and wear it through a suit. This small touch will give color and intensity to one, as well as a strict set without exaggerations.


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A floral blouse with your favorite jeans creates a casual chic outfit, ideal for appearances from morning to night.

From there, a printed blouse can be worn with any monochrome pants, catching the eye on the upper body and removing them from the periphery.

Floral pants and trousers

Ideal for spring and summer are the floral pants…

The floral pattern on a pair of pants can make any woman’s outfit very impressive, as long as there is the right choice of design, the one that flatters the body.

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They go perfectly with monochrome tops, but also with shirts or sweaters. For the coldest days you can wear a monochrome jacket, a cardigan or some other coat that keeps a balance throughout the set.


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Ideal for spring and summer are the floral pants that are just as easily combined with monochrome blouses.

Another of the easy-to-wear clothes is the floral overalls. Their great variety in designs and colors make them ideal for every body type, but also for every occasion.

Coats that make a difference

A jacket, coat or kimono with flowers….


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A monochrome or even simple outfit for everyday or evening appearances can become interesting with one move: a floral coat! A jacket, coat or kimono with flowers over any monochrome, white or black clothes will steal the show. Floral patterns are timeless, sometimes romantic, sometimes playful, sometimes impressive, and sometimes discreet.

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