Former Senior VP for J. Crew Opens Menswear Store

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Todd Snyder, the former senior vice president for J. Crew, opened his own all-bases-covered menswear store in December, said Business Insider. Located in New York City, the Todd Snyder shop launched to carry what Snyder sees as the American style for the fashionable man.

The shop is set up like a miniature department store, an all-purpose menswear outfitting provider. Not only does Todd Snyder brand clothing feature, but collections of complimentary accessories from other brands have their places, too. Timex watches have an exclusive line there. The store also sells eyeglasses and vintage watches, books, and home items like art and furniture. There even is a barbershop, a shop to serve food and drinks, and a tailor who works full time to make sure that the clothing purchased has the proper adjustments.

Snyder believes his brand will appeal to men in their 30’s through their 50’s, representing both young professionals looking to take their style up a notch and older men who are fashionably savvy but want to change their fashion status quo. The line, Snyder says, is for men who aren’t afraid to be in style.

The pricing on the brand sits somewhere on the middle ground between ordinary mall boutiques and designer luxury fashion. A suit might be around $600, and a shirt starts at about $150.

Before creating his own line, Snyder had designed for Ralph Lauren and Gap as well as J. Crew.

According to Business Insider, American Eagle Outfitters purchased Snyder’s brand in 2015.

Snyder sees his interpretation of the American fashion as a collaboration between many styles. The Todd Snyder line is the product of Snyder’s desire to represent himself in the clothing he designs. He also believes in the importance of the feeling behind fashion and the shopping experience. Without feeling, he told Business Insider, no one would care about style.

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