Four Foreplay Moves that are not Time Consuming

Foreplay can be very exciting and is a sure-fire way to put you in the mood. However, let’s face it, sometimes you do not want to put the work in. Perhaps you came home from a stressful, annoying, and long day—the first thing in your mind is sleep. But, foreplay can help relieve some of your tension and prepare you for sex. asked real women to talk about the foreplay they enjoy and expect from their partners. Here is a list of foreplay moves that are not time consuming, yet pleasurable for both sexes.

1. Talking dirty
One women in the Men’s Fitness survey said, “I love a dude who can communicate during foreplay.” This can be in the form of sweet whispers or talking dirty; the conversation depends on the couple. You may not be in the mood to start, so let your partner come up with a few scenarios to help build up your libido.

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2. Kissing
Kissing is the number one sure-fire way to get someone in the mood. Kissing in a relationship should be natural and the way you and your partner kiss can influence your mood. You can create suspense by teasing each other with playful kisses and then get more aggressive. By kissing, you enhance the feeling of intimacy.

3. Undress each other
For some women, “the act of undressing a person is in itself a type of foreplay.” This is also the case for men. By undressing each other, you both can control how much or how little an article of clothing comes off. This can be a fun game because you can see who caves into the suspense faster and takes off their own clothes first.

4. Do two things at once
There is nothing wrong paying attention to two pleasure spots at the same time. If you are kissing your partner, do not feel as if you cannot let your hands roam. This goes the same for them as well. This not only puts you in the mood, but it also avoids any awkward feelings or assumptions that you both do not know what you are doing. Touching is extremely important in foreplay and the right amount of softness and pressure can make you both want to initiate sex faster.

It’s understandable that you may feel like rushing foreplay because you are tired. But “don’t be lazy,” you may surprise yourself with how much you are into sex by taking your time with foreplay. Luckily, these foreplay moves do not require too much effort, but will surely get both of your sex drives going!


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