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It is 2021 and currently in France it has been proposed that women under 18 are to be banned from wearing the hijab in public. To get a clear idea of the level of policing here is a quote from the proposal “prohibition in the public space of any conspicuous religious sign by minors and of any dress or clothing which would signify an interiorization of women over men.”

Moms who wear the hijab, would also be banned from accompanying children on field trips. Burqas will also be barred from places such as public swimming pools or beaches. These are laws that are proposed and have not been officially voted in yet by the National Assembly.

But looking at Europe’s track record with anti-Islamic laws, there is no doubt that the official vote will be by the time it gets to the National Assembly. Just recently Switzerland, a country that seems to have grown tired of their good girl act- voted in support of banning the hijab and burqas too.


Already in 2004, France banned children who attend government schools from wearing their veils. The reasoning behind all these bans according to the French President Emmanuel Macron, “religious symbols like veils are in opposition to European principles of enlightenment and individualism.”

The same “enlightenment” they used to colonize countries years ago, in the name of imperialism and spreading Christianity. 

This ban is emboldening Islamophobic French citizens and isolating Muslim women from society. Because they will not stop honoring their religion, instead they will withdraw from society in totality. While making those who continue to wear them in public a target for harassment. France’s attempt to enforce the Separation Bill has led up to problematic laws like this so far. Even though it initially was outlined as something that had good intentions. Rather it is being used to deepen European right-wing nationalism. 

In essence being Muslim is being criminalized, in front of our very eyes. The western world is obsessed with creating this picture, that Muslims are a threat, when they are the ones who have destabilized Islamic countries for oil, for decades. And spreading this rhetoric, continues to be an excuse to enter Islamic countries under the guise of being saviors.

The focus on women especially is infuriating and ridiculous. This encourages men to think it is okay to police women’s bodies and the way they dress.

If this law is in fact voted in and enforced, it will be nothing but a gross violation of human rights.

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