On September 10th at the world famous fashion location of Pier59 in New York City, New Zealand-based designer Frances Jerard returned to New York to make an even bigger impact than she had previously. Continuing the CAAFD-sponsored emerging designers showcase, Frances Jerard certainly brought the most color of all the designers in this showcase, putting on display pieces that were so vivid they almost glowed.

The showcase was produced by noted producer and fashion guru, Resk ‘Que, and had his fingerprint all over the show, featuring excellent lighting and infectious beats and music.

Frances Jerard, from New Zealand, previously brought her designs to New York at the J Spring Fashion Show in 2015, but her collection this year brought everything to an entirely new level.

As we already said, the designs were positively radiant in their color choices, that cannot be said enough. Pink was by far the most dominating color, with reds, blues and yellows splashed in for quite the eye-catching designs. Pieces were adorned with feathers, lace, and faux fur, making these designs stand out in an entirely new way.

At the conclusion of the showcase, the designer herself, Frances Jerard, emerged from the curtain and almost stole the show herself! She was adorned in a red dress that fit perfectly in the collection, matching the stylistic and color choices she used in the collection. It says a lot for a designer to wear something so similar to her collection, and it looked stunning on both her and the models.

The future looks as bright as her color choices for Frances Jerard, she is definitely a designer you will want to keep up with in the future, she has impressed in every showing. Please check the rest of our coverage of this showcase, there are many more emerging designers who were highlighted at CAAFD’s emerging designers showcase.

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