Frankie Morello shows during Milan Men’s Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2014-15

Frankie Morello shows during Milan Men's Fashion Week - Fall/Winter 2014-15

Taking traditional and classic designs and looks then putting a modern and futuristic spin on them is the inspiration behind the collection by Frankie Morello. Classic styles do evolve over time because looks and fabrics evolve over time as well and so do the people that are wearing them. This is why a suit is now paired with sneakers and loafers for a more causal feel instead of always being worn with dress shoes. His collection did start off with a modern grown up feel with a Mister Morello embroidery on a silver sweater with a black chevron shoulder and chest pattern. Then 3D patterns and effects were introduced with clothing that included sweaters, suits and trousers. The 3D patterns started with an argyle sweater of black and gray diamonds outlined by black and white wool trims. The show goes into a full 3D effect when we see a gray and black cubed print suit combo complimented by a light blue lanyard and key chain paired with black sneakers. This takes the suit to a whole new casual atmosphere. Casual looks might be all the rage nowadays and being original with the designs is a unique trait. Just pairing a blazer with sneakers does not make an automatic casual look. It has to be the right style blazer with the right trousers and sneakers or else there is a three style vibe going on that won’t ever work. A great classic and casual design is a cable pattern that is commonly knitted into sweaters. Taking that traditional look and modernizing it again this time with a cable knit pattern printed on a gray blazer paired again with a light blue lanyard key chain, high top sneakers with a Mister Morello velcro strap and a blue baseball cap with a Mister Morello and a dual Pegasus embroidery.

The futuristic and space inspired designs were also shown on sweaters with an astronaut inside a space shuttle print, and mixing the past and futures with a print of a spacesuit standing behind a renaissance painting. Blue was a major part of this collection and was involved in many aspects featuring various plaid pants, wool bomber jackets with chevron patterns and as striped trims. However the most modern, sporty and futuristic look came in the form of a white neoprene overcoat with quilted forearms with a padded “M” embroidery and a padded shoulder embroidery of their signature “22.” Transforming classic looks with modern and futuristic designs is a fine line that was not only crossed but raised with this collection. No more choosing between styles because they are now combined and in the present. We just have to be brave enough to wear them.

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