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How to tell if it’s Freshwater Pearls or Fake? Freshwater Pearls are more like an heirloom. Since ancient times discovery of this beauty was a great achievement. The allure of organic freshwater pearls is never lost on any woman. It adds a natural shimmer to your whole personality. You can definitely become the center of attraction by wearing freshwater Pearl jewelry. Jewelry designers create necklaces, studs, bracelets, and rings.

Freshwater Pearls
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On the other hand, the technology has demonstrated its intelligence once again as fake pearls look exceptionally legitimate. For more profit, the vendors have started selling faux pearls. To identify whether it’s real or not, an individual must know about gemstones.

Here are some tips that can protect you from fraud:

1.     Feel the Pearl:
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The first step to pinpoint the imitation is to touch and feel the Pearl. Examine the temperature. The freshwater pearls are cold when you touch them. It warms up against your skin after some time. Oppositely, the fake pearls are at room temperature, and they take additional time to warm up. The glass manufactured pearls are also cold to touch, so all you’ve got to do is research more and check in detail.

2.     Look for flaws: 
Freshwater Pearls
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A machine can only replicate. It cannot provide an automatic look even if the jewels are top quality. For the accurate result, use a magnifying glass to examine the specification of each Pearl. You can instantly spot the flaw, as each genuine Pearl has a slightly different size and texture. The counterfeit ones are all the same that proves its fakeness, and the luster of faux Pearl has a glossy and polished look.

3.     Rub the Pearls together: 
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When you rub two original freshwater pearls together, a pearl powder is produced. Artisans can create this outcome if the Pearl is rubbed with steel. If the faux pearls are scratched, there won’t be any powdered particles. For more accuracy, tap the natural pearls together, and a smooth sound is produced. On the other hand, for the fake, no sound comes out of the scratching. This step is the most helpful for instant acknowledgment.

 4.     Fire test on Freshwater Pearls:
Freshwater Pearls
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Identifying the pearls with fire is another oldest method that is mainly performed in jewelry stores. In this process, the pearls are heated by a flame or a candle to check the texture. If they’re fake, it melts or changes their color and odor, as some faux pearls are made of plastic. The freshwater Pearl remains shiny and intact ad there is no change in its scent.

5.     Weight of the Freshwater pearls:
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The latest technique to classify whether it’s fake or objective is to weigh the pearls. All you have to do is lift the weight of the pearls by using your hands and move to see which one is heavier between both. The freshwater Pearls are rich, considering their size and natural components. The forged ones are manufactured from plastic and are lighter in size. You can easily judge the difference by using this method.

6.     Tooth test for Freshwater Pearls:
Freshwater Pearls
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A tooth test is another technique for examining the actuality of a pearl. In recent years, when jewelers used to buy pearls, they test them with their teeth. It’s the easiest way and can spare a lot of time. So the process is to rub the Pearl with your tooth gently, and if you feel the smoothness, it probably isn’t real. Authentic pearls give the unusual feeling of grittiness to the tooth. The gem, when contacted with your tooth, creates friction.


Pearls represent beauty and elegance. Still, there are tons of fake sellers claiming the real deal. Next time you hear someone buying or selling “natural pearl,” better be sure. Many museums have displayed the ancient ones. In today’s world, the faux has gradually replaced Freshwater pearls. People didn’t even realize the difference.

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