Function of Beauty’s PRO Custom Haircare Line Completely Transformed My Routine

Function of Beauty’s PRO Custom

Function of Beauty’s PRO Custom: Envy of those fortunate enough to have smooth, manageable locks is a real thing for those of us who deal with wavy, unruly hair. Some people have the good fortune to be able to run their fingers through damp hair, allow it air dry, and then suddenly their locks are velvety smooth. I was jealous, too, until I found a miracle solution that let me pretend to be a member of that exclusive group.

Not by going out to pricey salons for blowouts every week or by slaving away at my hairstyle at home with a hairdryer brush. Function of Beauty’s PRO haircare collection, which debuted exclusively at Sephora last August, really contained an easy and efficient solution that I discovered. This new range of goods provides individualized solutions for various hair types, expanding on the popularity of the brand’s initial viral items that were available at Target in 2015. What makes it unique, though, is that it prioritizes repairing broken hair connections to revitalize and nourish depleted tresses, which is perfect for those like myself who color our hair and are naturally prone to dryness and breakage.

After trying a lot of different bonding treatments, I can declare that the PRO line from Function of Beauty is now among my favorites. The line features individualised hair care products for each hair type—straight, wavy, curly, and coily—as well as nine additional concentrates meant to boost the effectiveness of these items. Along with that, I had the opportunity to try out the brand’s new leave-in bonding treatment early this year, which claims to promote even stronger and glossier locks.

According to Adam Maclay, a famous hairstylist, bonding treatments are great for people who go through two processes at once, such blondes, who use chemical treatments like perms often, or who have severe heat damage from over-styling. In the same way as repairing a road surface involves protecting and restoring vital links, these treatments strengthen the hair from the inside out while also adding smoothness, wetness, and gloss.


The Adaptive f3 Bonding Complex, a proprietary innovation from Function of Beauty, not only achieves these goals but also differentiates the brand by tailoring its response to each individual’s hair damage level. In addition, the amino acid enrichment of each product strengthens the hair, lessens breakage, and fights frizz.

According to the brand’s clinical studies, using the shampoo and mask combination for only five washes will result in twice as much smooth hair and half as much less breakage. Plus, from bolstering curl bounce to increasing body and shine, each customized recipe contains a variety of naturally occurring substances chosen with care to address unique issues related to each hair type. Vegan, cruelty-free, and certified clean by Sephora, all of the formulations have been dermatologist-tested and do not include any harmful ingredients such as sulfates, phthalates, or parabens.

Personally, I’ve been putting the wavy, damaged hair specific shampoo and mask through its paces. In an effort to keep my hair from becoming too dry, I’ve decided to wash it once a week instead of using conditioner. I apply the mask liberally from mid-lengths to ends. In addition, I’ve followed a hairstylist’s advice and dabbed the formula onto the crown of my head and my baby hairs, two regions that are especially vulnerable to frizz and breaking.

For a number of months now, I’ve been following the brand-recommended dosages for The Moisture Shot, The Frizz Genius, and The Lift Legend concentrates in my regimen, with a maximum of three boosters per Hair Goal product. Just add the booster(s) to your shampoo or mask as directed, give it a quick shake for around 15 seconds, and you’re good to go.

Last but not least, I follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply a quarter-sized amount to wet hair as advised to incorporate the new Leave-In Treatment for Damaged Straight and Wavy Hair into my routine. This serum-in-cream hybrid formula contains the highest concentration of the brand’s Bonding Complex, hydrating babassu oil, and strengthening amaranth extract, outperforming competing products in repairing damage, reducing frizz, increasing shine, and protecting hair from heat styling tools up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The treatment is convenient because it doesn’t require heat activation and works on both dry and wet hair.


This all-encompassing program has produced astonishing outcomes. Lightweight and intensely nourishing, the formulae meet my hair’s demands without making it feel weighed down or oily. My wave pattern is much better now that I’m using the leave-in treatment; there are fewer flyaways and the waves are more defined. On those few times that I do have a professional blowout, the comments are just as plentiful as they were when I sported my natural beach waves.

Overall, I was quite impressed by Function of Beauty’s PRO line. In addition to being highly effective and aromatic, the formulae have simplified my haircare regimen by meeting my individual demands with products that are designed just for me. There may not be many products designed for wavy hair, but I have discovered several strengthening options that work wonders.

Their large sizes and high quality make up for the fact that these products aren’t the most inexpensive on the market. These products are well worth the money because they perform as well as their high-end counterparts.

Finally, if you want stronger, healthier hair in a short amount of time, I highly suggest Function of Beauty’s PRO range.

Function of Beauty’s PRO Custom

Bond Repair Custom Shampoo for Wavy, Damaged Hair
Function of Beauty PRO Bond Repair Custom Shampoo for Wavy, Damaged Hair

Bond Repair Custom Conditioner Mask for Wavy, Damaged Hair
Function of Beauty PRO Bond Repair Custom Conditioner Mask for Wavy, Damaged Hair

Bond Repair Custom Leave-In Treatment for Damaged Straight and Wavy Hair
Function of Beauty PRO Bond Repair Custom Leave-In Treatment for Damaged Straight and Wavy Hair

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