Gillette Shave Club Subscription Service

Gillette launches a membership for users of their men’s shaving products.

The Gillette Shave Club is offering a “shave plan” to members. As of now there are three options: Classic Plan, Advanced Plan and Ultimate Plan.

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Gillette says that if you use any of these razors from any of these plans a maximum of 3-4 times a week, these plans will last you a month’s worth of shaving.

Each plan involves different perks.

The Classic Plan is $16.50, three blades, lubrication and the Fits Mach3 Handles for the blades. The Advanced Plan is $17.75, it comes with five blades, better lubrication, and the Fits Fusion and Fusion ProGlide Handles for the blades. The Ultimate Plan also comes with five blades, great shave precision and lubrication, the Fits Fusion and Fusion ProGlide Handles, and will cost $19.49.

Each of the razor plans come with free shipping.

Users can pick their “preferred retailer” to purchase their razors through. Some of the retailers listed are, Sam’s Club, Target, Amazon and Walgreens.

On the Gillette Shave Club website, they offer the savings percentages based on each plan they offer. The Ultimate Plan has 46 percent savings, the Advanced Plan has 51 percent savings, and the Classic Plan has 43 percent savings. Ultimately, whichever one you choose should be based on which of the razors you prefer, and how much money you’re willing to put into the product.

Gillette Shave Club also has major league sports like baseball on their side. Gillette has been a sponsor of MLB since the 1930s. On their Twitter they were even offering fans a chance to attend the 2015 MLB All Star Game, simply by joining the shave club.

Gillette’s Facebook features reviews from frequent users.

Hans from West Fork, AR, said,

“I have  been shaving with the Gillette Fusion ProGlide for about three months now. I still have not had to use a refill, which saves me money and gives me a long lasting clean shave. I could spend less on other razors, but long term I would be spending more for a less clean shave! Personally I’m sold on the Gillette Fusion ProGlide.”

If you aren’t interested in the plans, they also just have rewards for users.

According to Gillette, “Get access to free products, exclusive content, grooming tips, and major league sports and entertainment ticket sweepstakes.”

Signing up for the rewards only requires your name, birthdate and address.

Other shaving companies have created “shave clubs” like Dollar Shave Club.

These razors offer plans ranging from $1 to $9, the difference between these two subscriptions is that Gillette has the brand recognition, and a loyal falling of people who shave exclusively with them. Dollar Shave Club was founded four years ago, meaning people might be more hesitant to choose them despite the significant drop in price between the two shave clubs.

Without specifying which shave clubs, Gillette wrote on Facebook saying, “We were as surprised as you that our best blades can save you up to 50% compared to that other shave club.”

On the Gillette Shave Club’s website, they hint that the Dollar Shave Club is the competitor they keep talking about, referring to it as “that shave club with the $9 per month plan.”

According to the site,

“In a blind study, we asked a few hundred men to use Gillette and a few hundred men to use the top razor from the other shave club – we then asked them to rate the performance. Razor for razor, not only was Gillette rated higher overall but on average, men rated Gillette blades as closer, smoother, more comfortable and better on 15 other attributes than that other shave club.”

If you aren’t sure if the subscription is for you, try out the rewards and pick up a pack at the store before committing to the shave club.

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