Global Designers Collaborate For World Cup Shirts

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If you’ve caught World Cup fever, you’re not alone. Fans from countries around the globe are (especially after the highly unexpected victory of South Korea yesterday) are buzzing in excitement over the championship tournament that’s about to brew down to the best of its best. In honor of the worldwide online fashion retailer YOOX and sports magazine SEPP have collaborated with designers from 14 different World Cup countries to create these celebratory t-shirts and sweatshirts. The capsule features designs from some of the biggest players including South Korea, England, Brazil, Russia, and Portugal.

The shirts themselves each represent the designer’s country of origin and its unique pride towards the sport of football. From creative portrayals of country flags or colors to logos like “Mirror the World” in reference to the climate change problems impacting a sinking Venice.

Part of the proceeds from all shirts in the collection will be donated to Stars for Children, a charity founded by Russian player Alexander Kerzhakov in 2015 to help disadvantaged children play sports and get other necessary support. All the more reason to invest in a limited edition design in celebration of the 2018 World Cup season.

South Korea – Pushbutton

England – Vivienne Westwood

Portugal – Marques’Almeida

Japan – Kolor

Russia – Walk of Shame & Alexey Kiselev

Brazil – Isolda

Shop the YOOX x Soccer Couture capsule collection here.

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