Glossier’s New Stretch Fluid Foundation Takes a ‘Skin First’ Approach

Glossier's New Stretch Fluid Foundation

Glossier’s New Stretch Fluid Foundation: Introducing the Stretch Fluid Foundation, the newest addition to Glossier’s complexion lineup. This innovative product comes in an astounding 32 hues, each with its own unique undertone. This release coincides with an overhaul of the brand’s popular Stretch Balm Concealer, which will be available in the same wide variety of shades. This is a huge step forward for Glossier, especially after they broke away from their minimalist style earlier this year with the launch of their G-suit movable matte lipsticks in bright colors. By expanding its shade selection, Glossier can meet the demands of the beauty community, attract a wider audience, and develop stronger relationships with its customers.

In particular, Glossier’s new Stretch Fluid Foundation may be traced back to the beloved Stretch Balm Concealer. Glossier’s Senior Director of Product Emily Trillaud stresses the significance of knowing where the concealer came from to appreciate the idea behind the foundation completely. Trillaud says the secret to the concealer’s trademark dewy finish—which gives skin a healthy glow—is using nourishing oils like avocado and jojoba. Even while the concealer has a formula that is kind to the skin, the restricted shade selection when it was first released in 2016 discouraged many people, myself included, from trying out Glossier’s complexion products.

Glossier’s New Stretch Fluid Foundation

Stretch Balm Concealer

Glossier Stretch Balm Concealer

According to Trillaud, the Stretch Balm Concealer is still one of Glossier’s best-selling products, and its uses go beyond spot concealing, according to customers. Glossier saw this coming and ensured their concealer had a fluid viscosity so it could be applied all over the face. In his explanation, Trillaud draws attention to the fact that the foundation is lightweight and provides natural coverage, while the concealer offers medium coverage and a dewy finish. The idea was to make a foundation that would look and feel like one’s own skin while really improving the appearance of one’s complexion.

Glossier’s decision to broaden its complexion range shows their dedication to inclusion and authenticity. This will appeal to a wider range of consumers while still upholding their brand’s principles of effortless beauty. Glossier has further cemented its position as a trailblazer in the beauty business with the release of the Stretch Fluid Foundation and the revised Stretch Balm Concealer. The brand remains committed to innovation and meets its customers’ changing demands and preferences.

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