Make-Up Tricks for a Halloween Treat

Halloween is quickly approaching! You may get caught up in party planning or getting your costume at the last minute. With all the planning and last minute details, the last worry on your mind is probably your make-up. Your make-up is what will help you make your costume come to life. Presented is a list of YouTube make-up video tutorials that will help you transform yourself into an entirely different character.

If you want to become a part of the living dead during the zombie apocalypse, then Emma Pickles’ “Zombie Make-up Tutorial” is a great tutorial for you to use. This look, however, is for those who appreciate theatricality or are huge fans of “The Walking Dead.” The great part of this video is the fact that Pickles only uses about two make-up products—brown eye shadow and lipstick. This scary look is tangible for women who do not wear a lot of make-up on a daily basis. If you want, you can leave out the blisters for a prettier zombie look.

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For those of you who are trying to live amongst the immortals, Michelle Phan’s “Seductive Vampire” make-up tutorial has great tips for you to achieve a sexy vampire look. Phan goes step by step to show you how to become a sultry, alluring immortal. With all make-up tutorials, it is important to note that the make-up that the instructors are using may not be brands that compliment your complexion. Therefore, it is important to listen for the colors that Phan is using, so that you can achieve the desired “seductive vampire” look with your own palette.

Nothing says pretty like a Masquerade Ball. In the “Noir Masquerade” make-up tutorial, also done by Phan, you will be able to add a bit of mystery to your masquerade look. By using the various shimmery eye shadows shown, your eyes will sparkle and be high-lighted against your elaborate mask. You can also use a look like this if you are donning a super hero mask—you get two looks after watching one video! Phan’s “Noir Masquerade” look can also work for a vintage costume.

But if you are really travelling back in time this Halloween, Phan’s “Gatsby 1920s Flapper” tutorial will help you party like Gatsby. This look is effortless, like the fashion of the 1920’s, with a red lip to get you noticed. This look is truly great since “you don’t need to go to a fancy party to rock this make-up look.” Because there is minimal make-up involved, you can wear this look virtually every day at work or out to dinner.

As Phan says, “It is amazing where just a little make-up and a big imagination can take you.” Make-up instructions have links to the make-up they use in their perspective tutorials. You don’t have to buy extra products; you make the ones you own work for you. For instance, if you need to “prime your eyes,” consider using a concealer that you already own instead of buying an entirely new product just because it is labeled “eye lid primer.”

You can find a way to transport yourself back in time, make the dead come to life, or transform into any other beloved Halloween character in a way that you feel makes you look best.


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